Pitiful performance

Ditto to most all posts. In my view, big Dan better Man up and get tougher or he will spend a lot of time on the floor in SEC games. Refs will always swallow the whistle in the last few seconds , they do not want to decide the games which I think is good, also means that the flop is out of play. I do agree that CMA is letting Big Dan use up all of his energy running the floor and has little left at the end. Guess my critique is why our Bigs are fouling way too far out on the floor, not even counting the 75 foot foolishness, still amazed at the FT line, would think that Coach Scotty could get in the heads, if that does not improve we will not be dancing!

There are places to land between great and pitiful.

But some seem to think those are the only two words to describe things.

That describes the game and Daniel Gafford, whose fans have seemingly turned against him.

Were they fans of Gafford before this game?

I don’t think most fans have. I think most fans realize he’s a very good player who was slightly outplayed Saturday by another very good player.

Hopefully they will learn from this one. The defense broke down way too often, not closing out on the shooters and were exploited effectively. The bench didn’t light it up like against CSU. Joe could have a problem being guarded by tall, athletic guards ( and whatever else). That shouldn’t be a problem every game. And, again, free throws not being sunk were a key in sinking us. So we’ve lost two games by a total of two points. The glass half empty group will say we can’t win the close ones, right? Still optimistic about this group. They sure are fun to watch. Just wish every trip to the line was not packed with anxiety.

I think it was the first bad defensive outing of the season for Arkansas.

The Razorbacks have been so much better on that end of the floor this season.

The hogs need to remember the loss but I hope they flush it before next Saturday.
Every team has a few bad games where they don’t shoot the ball very efficient from the floor. They just have to be dialed in on defense every time they suit it up.

I agree

I have not seen every game but I agree that was the first bad outing by our defense. I said earlier in the season I thought we would finish around 500 in the conference this year due to immaturity and after seeing this loss I continue to feel the same. However I do see the talent and potential of this roster to become very good eventually, but if we don’t reach the level of a really good team this year and Gafford leaves at the end of the season where does it leave us. Need the light to come on soon as a team not just individual performances, it’s all there but making it gel after New Years will be the key in my opinion. WPS