Pitiful performance

That stunk

Not a pitiful performance, our 3-ball wasn’t sinking in the first 30 minutes. Harris definitely didn’t have a good game, though. Kind of troubling.

Very young team. We missed 17 three’s. And free throws need to improve.

They need to learn from their mistakes. It’s going to get harder.

They got brought back to earth, today.

Bad energy and focus for most of this game. Didnt want it bad enough.

This was my only disappointment of the day. I thought they lacked the defensive energy they had exhibited all season.

Sills almost snapped them out of it.

There are going to be games like that from every team, much less a young one. They needed 1 more play to overcome it and just didn’t do it. Their best player had 2 chances to make up for a somewhat sluggish game and didn’t do so.

If you look at the box score, Joe, Gafford, and Harris had their typical game. The rest had a rough game.

We were not pitiful. We lost by 1 point. Yes, we were better than they were and should have won, but we did not.

The obvious problem with this team is we aren’t good up front, except for Gafford. Reggie Chaney is talented, but young and not quite ready to start. I thought he should have played more in the 2 half to help Gafford, but he needs to come on if we are going to make noise in the SEC.

There are a lot of big athletic guys in the SEC and we are going to have to get better play from the 4. Gafford can’t do it all every game. He needs some support. I wish Mike would let Chaney start and play a bunch before the SEC starts. Chaney has a lot of upside, more than any of the other bigger guys.

Good point. I think that’s what will happen.

I thought Harris had very good game— bench didn’t support as have in past— young now and gonna be a little inconsistent— I thought lost game at free throw line

My biggest concern today is that we struggled against their zone by standing around. We didn’t pass and cut like we will have to do in the SEC. Other teams will muscle Gafford, and tightly guard Joe. Others are going to have to score offensively.

Joe kept us in it early & Sills did late. We got tired missed dunks & layups & wide open 3’s.
Big Dan run himself outta gas trying to do it all on both ends & fast breaks.

Lack luster play today against a very good team cost us a loss on our home court and we will see this time to time with our youth movement we currently have at this time. I saw nothing today that would make me set my hair on fire or contemplate jumping out a window unless its on the ground floor. What I did see was a team that needs to improve on defense and at the free throw line to become a force and we have the talent to be a force it seems to me. WPS

We were 9 out of 16 from the freethrow line for a booming 56%. They have got to do better than that are it will cost us more games. That was bad enough but our Defense is what got us beat.

I looked at the stats a few minutes ago. We hit one less 3pt. We hit that, we win. If both teams would have hit 100% on FT’s we’d have actually tied. What stood out to me is Joe missed thre FT’s. Usually he’d hit at east two of the three. Today, that alone would have won us the game.

IF Gafford makes that last shot do you stil post this? I honestly don’t remember you ever posting pitiful performance after a win but maybe you have. It certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

That stunk? Of course not. It would have been a win. We didn’t play well in my opinion on either end of the court consistently. We had spurts. Sills willed them back. They competed. We lost. Anytime we lose it stinks. Not into moral victories. Just look at what our rpi dropped to. I thought we were on the verge of making the top 25. We were getting accolades from national writers. Most everyone on the board was positive. They were 4 and 4. We were AT HOME. Yep losing to Stansbury and WKU stunk

You just described typical stat for a one point game. LOL.


At just 69% free throw shooting we win.

Our defense was poor. The second half we wilted
and watched.

And yet I think we win anyway if this game had been
better officiated.