How do y’all think our pitching will do at Omaha?

Our arms appear to be trending downward. Both our starters and bullpen.


Downward? I’d be interested to know why you think that. I thought Arkansas pitched lights out the entire postseason with the exception of the second South Carolina game. In the other five games the Razorbacks allowed 2, 2, 3, 3 and 4 runs. A number of those were the result of solo home runs.

Jake Reindl struggled some this weekend, but he has been so good that it is hard to believe he has fallen off that fast. Kacey Murphy struggled with command and I think a lot of that had to do with the fact the umpire didn’t give him the strike zone he is used to seeing.

The key in Omaha, as it is in the entire postseason, is to stay in the winner’s bracket. The CWS is essentially a reset of the postseason format. The first week is like a regional. If you go 3-0, you’re through to the next round. If you fall into the loser’s bracket, you’re in some trouble. Knight and Murphy give Arkansas a chance to put itself in good shape.

I agree with Matt, our pitching will keep us in games and give us a chance. I do wish they would come out of the gate with their good stuff, and be sharp and strong.

But…IMHO, if we win it will be won in the batters box.

Hitting Championship caliber pitching wins Championships.

If you take away 1 inning this weeekend away where Jake Rheindl wasn’t himself and the gave up the slam and solo homer that’s the only problem. Also that’s after Jake came into a game relieving Campbell in the first inning and threw 6 or 7 dynamite innings against Dallas Baptist!
Blaine Knight, Casey Murphy and Campbell are the best 3 starting pitchers together in Omaha! Out of the bull pen Loeske, Rheindl, Ramage and Cronnin can get it done. After seeing Bonnin come in with gas gas and more gas Sunday you could add him to the mix. Nothing is wrong it’s the Arkansas pitching. Bring on an umpire that will call strikes to both sides of the plate and we are fine!
Don’t doubt the pitching.

Our pitching matches up as good & better than any teams in the CWS. Everyone has some late season tired arms with their starters & top relievers.
Not worried about our pitching, more concerned about leaving runners on base at crucial times when we need runs.

I think we will be fine Texas is not a great hitting team if we can score 5 I think we win Fla and TT both have better offenses but Fla knows we are not scared of them we have had very good success against them And TT already saw what we can do…If we hit like last night we will win the NC.

My primary worry with Texas is that Blaine’s only Achilles heel is his propensity for given up home runs. It will make me sick if he gives up one or two gopher balls to golden boy from UT.

Otherwise, I feel good about the game. At least someone on our team has been in Omaha (Shaddy), not to mention our coaches. No one on Texas has ever been to Omaha. Their head coach went as an assistant while he was at Rice, but that’s been a while ago and he has never been as a head coach. So, for once it will be Texas who might be just “happy to be there” and/or a little overcome by the atmosphere. When you play at LSU, MSU, Florida, S. Carolina, etc . . . well, you’re as prepared for this type of atmosphere as you can be.

Wizard I agree with your thought about Blaine giving the golden boy son of juice man a gopher ball or two but as long as they are solo shots that won’t kill the hogs.
I think our offense is primed and ready.
The chosen golden boy didn’t fair well at Baum so I really think we have the upper hand. That hype they had at home in Austin won’t be as easy to grab in Omaha.
Blaine will be on his game.
DVH knows how to handle a pitching staff in a series.
Win the first 2 and wait on a survivor from from loser’s bracket. That’s what I really think happens.
On the other side of the bracket I think Moo U pulls off a stunner and beat Washington and Oregon State/ Notth Carolina winner. That’s the easy side of the bracket.

Bonfield was also on the 2015 CWS team.