How far do y’all think we can go into the SEC/NCAA tournaments with our pitching staff? To my knowledge, we don’t have a real shutdown closer or a stopper for a starter. But everything is relative, and I don’t know how well our pitching compares to the other top 10/20 ranked teams.
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I like our chances if Tygart can go 5-6 innings. That gives us 3 pretty solid starters: Hollan, Smith, & Tygart. McEntire has been pretty solid & Morris seems to be doing much better. Gage Wood has become very solid. If Bybee, Coil, & Adcock can give us a few good innings, I think we have as good a chance as anyone. Sucks losing Carter & of course Wiggins, but we’ve been without Wiggins all year.

I know I’m overlooking someone, but despite our injuries, we’ve still got a pretty decent pitching staff. After all, other teams have started feeling the injury bug, too.

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The trip Hoover don’t matter in my opinion. Make that trip and avoid getting anyone hurt.
The regional
Set up is just like pool play in Omaha. If the hogs avoid the losers bracket in a regional they will be fine. The super is just like a weekend series and I think the bull pen is rounding into shape.
Tygart coming back and being effective to this point in a huge.
Morris has had a couple of good outing so that fill
The shies of Carter who went down and needs surgery.
Gage Wood is young but he has been good s little wild at times but he has the makeup of a closer.
Parker Coil the LHP that got the last 3 outs on Sunday in Starkville just needs a few more appearances but he has the stuff to get the job done.
The starters. Smith has to harness his energy better to help him have the stamina to go longer in games. He has great stuff.
MCEntire just has to keep the ball
Down and avoid the blue light specials where you won’t need to call the FAA for a flight plan for a scud!
Holland can be really good he is just hurting.
Adcock just has a few outs he can give you at times but he is prone to allow hits in a hurry once he gets tired or leave a blue light special in the middle of the plate.
Ledbetter is a mystery man. He can be solid but you never know.
Bybee has talent but he is hard headed with the breaking ball.
Short answer no one knows.
Too many injuries to start off the season.
Wiggins gone, Friday night starter
Franks set up man gone
Carter out for the year.
Tygart just came back and has 2 Outings on pitch counts. First on a 20 pitch count good appearance no runs or hits. Second time out 35 pitch count he got the ground balls and was sharp.

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I think the super regional round sets up better than a regional because of the potential to fall into the loser’s bracket, but I think there are enough arms that have proven they can do good work. It’s just a matter of whether most of them are on that weekend.

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Wining those first 2 games in a regional is the key.
Just like the 4 team brackets in Omaha. The super and final in the CWS is just like a weekend series. There’s still some unproven arms in the bullpen that will have to get the job done.

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Gage is a stud and getting better.


Coil’s new slider has changed his prospects altogether. It is a strike. It is not off the plate. Hobbs taught him that pitch a few weeks ago playing catch in outfield. It’s a strike. His big curve was not. It’s a game changer.

So Coil’s blossom and Morris returning to form adds two lefty relievers that just were not there five weeks ago. Huge.

I thought McGlaughlin was going to emerge as a pitching option. He was electric in his first chance. Not as much lately.

But he’s helped the pitchers big time with his bat. He can really hit. Bat is quick.