Pitching woes

Our pitchers are sure putting a lot of pressure on the offense.
I know we have a good offense, but 4 more innings to score at least 4 runs, just to tie. As it stands right now.
We are capable!!!
Go hogs!!!

I swear, we just can’t keep these guys off the bases. Close the gap and bang , give up base hits and more runs. With two innings left, more pressure.

I thought today was where you saw Cronin’s absence affect the team most. If he was able to pitch Friday, Reindl could have been first out of the bullpen today. But he wasn’t going to pitch a third straight day.

I thought if there was any chance Cronin would pitch this weekend, it might have been today (if not Saturday). My only reasoning would have been two more days to rest. Hope he’s back next weekend and, if not, soon.

We missed Cronin this weekend for sure.
We should be happy that Campbell pitched well for 4 innings. He just isn’t in good enough shape on the mound to extend an outing at all! When he was done today it was over!
There’s nothing to be alarmed about! Campbell needs to be on a short leash for a few games!

I thought the same thing. It caused DVH to have to stick with Ike too long. It seems to be a good sign that he travelled. He makes a big difference. Shaddy does, too.

Get those 2 back consistently and I like our chances to do damage. It would be nice to get Jax going. He has really been scuffling.