Pitching was good

I’ve been most concerned about our pitching and play in the field. This weekend gave me great hope that we have arms ready for the SEC grind. While Auburn is probably not a contender this year they had some really high batting averages at the top of the lineup. Of coarse I’m judging our play in the field from last year which is really not fair.


I was impressed with how many innings our starters were able to eat. I was really concerned about going deep into the pen.

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It was amazing to see 3 staters easy go 6 innings in the cold weather. Effective pitching!
Friday 1 pitcher comes in out of the bullpen and goes the distance and the same Saturday.
Sunday an unexpected awesome start by Adcock
The best he has looked on the mound all season to this point. Ledbetter pitched 2 great innings he could have finished up but DVH needed to get Wood out on the mound. Mixed bag for him a little too juiced up maybe. Wild when he didn’t have to he created a mess and the fireman out of the bull
Pen comes in and Hagen Smith puts out the fire before it really gets going.
We have some really good pitchers on this staff.
The talent is there the lack of SEC experience is a little scary.


This weekend will be a huge test for us… LSU is by far the best hitting team we have seen and they will have the best arms on the mound that we have seen…

I look forward to seeing how we match up,if we can win one game maybe two that will be absolutely fantastic.

Being in front of the huge crowds in Arlington will definitely help us. LSU will have a great crowd but it will be nothing we can’t handle…


I was really surprised at how well we handled Auburn all 3 games. I expected tighter games & probably a 2-1 split in the series. I, too, was pleasantly surprised at how well our starters performed against good hitting. Especially surprised at how well Adcock performed. I feel some better about our prospects for the season than I have since we started having so many injured pitchers. Hope Tygart can come back in top form by the end of April.

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Not sure where this team ends up when the dust settles, but the hitters are very selective at the plate and find a lot of ways to get on base. We can frustrate starting pitching on the other team and get into the bullpen. Bolds well for consistent success and that will win a lot of games if the pitching can hold up without anymore injuries.


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