Pitching tonight

Holding them down like that is how it is suppose to be done ; however, I wonder if we had to use too many arms with two games tomorrow? Starter went, what? - 3.5 innings. That is about 4 too few. I guess we will not have to wait too long to find out. Seems like we should not have to have the Closer keep throwing 3 innings. I guess DVH looks at it like we got this one, lets take it and worry about tomorrow tomorrow. Can’t really argue with that.
Hope we don’t give up 11 runs again in one of the games. Not close to what a team that plans on making noise in OMA should allow.

Van Horn said on the pregame show the plan was to throw Bolden three or four innings, then go to the bullpen. I think all of the relievers who threw today can be recycled tomorrow.

Even though Kopps is the closer, I don’t consider him a closer. I consider him a long reliever who comes in later than most long relievers. I think the plan is to use him from the seventh inning on whenever he pitches for the first time on the weekend, and maybe when he pitches the second time, as long as he can keep his pitch count low enough.

He threw almost 90 pitches total at Ole Miss a couple of weeks ago on consecutive days. I could see him getting 50 pitches or so tomorrow.


I agree about Kopps throwing so much, just hope he doesn’t get dead arm late in the yr when we need him most.

Thanks Matt. Dave certainly knows his arms far better than me. I just get really concerned. I am sure he had rather see the starters go 6-7 innings, with a setup guy and a Closer, but that does not seem possible. I just hope we don’t see any more of those 10 runs allowed games. that is not the way to win at a high or any level.

Our strength is our bullpen and not out starters. They are not necessarily a weakness but we have a lot of good arms to go to in the 5-9 inning slots. There just doesn’t seem to be anyone who we can call an ACE.

Kopps is an ace. An ace doesn’t have to be a starter.

Kopps has been as influential this year as Blaine Knight was in 2018 or Isaiah Campbell was in 2019.


I’d have to agree with that. We’re not top 10 without Kopps, much less #1.

Matt. Agree with you. Obviously, Kopps isn’t a Cronin type of flamethrower. He’s really a “middle reliever” who typically comes in late. No doubt he could be our dominate starter, but on this team he’s more valuable in the relief role. Also agree with this article- it seems so far, he is unquestionably the MVP of this team and probably of the SEC.


Something to keep in mind, the 13-, 14- and 11-run games by Ole Miss and Texas A&M came during a time when Vermillion was unavailable. Who knows if he would have fared any better in those games, but his absence might have added another 2-3 innings of work each weekend for pitchers further down the line.

Matt Hobbs gave me a great quote for this profile of Kopps a couple of weeks ago.

“I think everybody looks at the Friday guy and thinks (the ace) has to be the Friday guy, and if it’s not the Friday guy that means something is wrong,” Hobbs said. "A collection of really good pitchers is still important to have, and a guy like Kevin who is an absolute weapon out of the bullpen — I mean obviously we had Cronin here a couple of years ago and that was your head on a pillow in the seventh inning if you have the lead, you felt really good about it. It’s the same thing when Kevin gets the ball.”


Colorado hog, the 1927 Yankees had games where they gave up 9-10 runs. It happens.

Speaking of Kopps, check this out.

That is dirty, filthy, and nasty, and I’m glad our hitters don’t have to face him any more.

Not sure I agree though your point may be valid. I would rather have a Stud starter that I know if I score 2-3 runs my odds of winning are extremely high. Games can be lost with average starters before we even get to him. He may be lights out but I would rather have a Knight or Campbell. MHO

What is the deal with college pitching? Why can’t a guy go 6, 7 or 8 innings anymore? Are their arms worn out before they get to college from so much travel ball as kids? Is it because these pitchers are trying to throw too hard to impress the ML scouts? Are the college coaches trying too hard to protect the pitchers for a possible drafting and MLB career? It is like musical chairs trying to watch a college game, as it is in MLB. Is it the aluminum bat that makes it too hard to pitch to contact? I am curious.

In the 2019 MLB season, there were 45 complete games. Total. One per 108 games played. I think a lot of it is that pitchers throw so hard that going 100-120 pitches is frankly stupid. And college players nowadays are throwing just as hard at the big leaguers, especially in the SEC, while their arms (and mechanics) are not nearly as mature/refined as the big leaguers.

There’s not much incentive to leave a starter in to go through the order a third or certainly a fourth time, not when you have somebody in the pen who throws 98 like Wiggins (or embarasses people like Kopps).

We saw how it should be done tonight. Two hit pitching for 7+, then strong closing. That is winning baseball. That is what you have to do in OMA. You only get one bad outing and that bad outing puts you in a bind.

SC had winning pitching in the first game while scoring 6. It is the SEC. That is going to happen in a conference series, but it can only happen once in OMA (if you get there).

Overall, there was very good defense played these two days. It provides hope that DVH is finding the combinations he wants to take into late May and hopefully, June. Seems like he does almost every year and that is what makes him the best or certainly a top 5 coach (don’t know who is better and certainly would not even consider trading him).

Glad you brought up defense Jim. The chickens had several miscues that hurt them in the field last night. Glad to see Zeb get some work. We need the big guy to get back in form.

We stopped into the foundation office last week and Zeb walked by headed to the clubhouse. He’s a big ole boy.

Seems like blasphemy and I’d love to argue. But I can’t.

Kopps has 18 appearances, 6 wins, 5 saves (didn’t get one last night because we had a four-run lead), 0 losses, 0.97 ERA, .177 BA against, WHIP of 0.92 (23 hits and 11 walks in 37 innings pitched). And there’s still four weeks left in the regular season,

As of April 24, 2018, Knight was 6-0 in 10 starts. He had just had a no-decision at Moo U after Cronin blew a lead for him.