Pitching tonight against the Vols

Well I’m happy for the win last night but it’s another weekend where the bull pen will need to be good. Smith can’t go tonight and may not be able to go tomorrow. The starters in game 2 and game 3 will need to go out and be efficient. I think MCEntire gets the ball tonight. If he can have a good solid outing he has the ability to go deep. Keeping the ball down will be key. Last night if our hogs could have only score enough runs for DVH to use Carter or someone else for an inning or 2 it would have been sweet.

McEntire is starting vs. Dollander.

I read that earlier but TBA. The hogs really miss Wiggins, Franks and Taggart. The pitching could have really been better. Not saying it’s not good but that’s a lot of experience to have go down before conference play started.

It was TBA until a little while ago.

Now is it MCEntire for sure.

Yeah I don’t really think we have any other option than Mac that gives us our best chance of winning tonight.

You’re right about that. Let hope he can go 6 or more innings. It will probably be Adcock tomorrow to get the start.
The bullpen will need to be ready on both games.
Maybe this might be the weekend Bybee and Fouchta give some needed help. We know Carter and Wood will get some work.

Based on Van Horn’s comments earlier in the week, I do not think it is a given that Adcock is going to pitch this weekend.

I have to be honest with you we’ve given him plenty of chances and he just knows not done a whole lot with them.
I don’t know who we can put out there but I think I would put somebody else besides him.

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Honestly, Adcock has struggled in his college career. Over a 6 ERA at Ole Miss his freshman year and over a 6 ERA in JUCO last year. He gets hit hard a lot.

Also, I hope McEntyre keeps his pitches at the bottom of the zone tonight. That is when he is at his best.

Exactly that’s why I’ve never been high on him he’s never had a era under 6 in his whole career
He just cannot keep the ball out of the middle of the plate

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