Pitching tomorrow…

Hagen? Can’t think of anyone else better…

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I was thinking the very same thing. He has a really rested arm. Being a freshman, I think it looked like he had a tired arm the last month of the season. I’ll bet it’s pretty fit after this good bit of rest.

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I would not be surprised to see ZM out again. He only threw very few pitches. He has stuff. We will see

I would think it would be Hagen. He has a lot of starting experience. He’s been shaky some out of the gate but his confidence should be up from how he’s looked against Ok St and NC.

It would be huge if our bats stay hot and he can take the mound with an early lead.

I wouldn’t predict anything at this point. Zeb, Ledbetter, Starks, Morris, Taylor, Smith or Tygart.
Noland for the next game if the hogs win the first one.
I would hope there’s a way to win tomorrow and keep Smith to close. No matter who starts it’s got to be a good start.
This is where the hogs have missed Paulette be able to pitch! Just think how much different the season could have been with him healthy.

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I’d be fine with freshman Tygart closing. Just like Smith, he’s got a rested arm now after these last few weeks. He was a dynamite closer for the first 2/3rd of the season. I like it that Smith has the starter experience over the other possibilities. I’d probably want Zeb if not Smith.

You may be right.

Phil and Bubba both think Noland will start tomorrow. We shall see.

Hmmm. If it’s a situation where they limit him to 3 innings or 30 pitches, that might be a good idea. That would sure make it less likely they would jump on us the first 3 innings like they did last night.

I’d hate to see him go much longer than that. If he pitches 6-8 innings, we wouldn’t have him for either of the first 2 Championship games, if we get there. If he goes 6 or fewer innings he might could go on three days rest in the 2nd Championship game.

I don’t dislike the idea.

Phil and Bubba were talking on the radio about using Connor tomorrow. That’s such short rest that it worries me. Hagen is definitely rested. Would his bullpen success maybe give him enough confidence to take on the starter role again?

I saw a comment elsewhere that Connor has asked to start tomorrow. Honestly would expect nothing less from him than to want the ball.

It would be on a full 3 days rest. Not ideal, but doable. If Connor was a 98 MPH flame thrower, it wouldn’t be good. Remember, Connor only threw 79 pitches Saturday.

With these “win or go home” games, you’ve usually got to stretch your pitchers a bit to stay alive. If we can get these next 2 games, then this might leave us with McEntire for Sat and Connor for Sunday.

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If we don’t win tomorrow there ain’t no Saturday and Sunday.

McEntire could probably go Sunday if it gets there. Smith is gonna start sometime, I think. Maybe Thursday.

If Connor pitches tomorrow and we win, that’s exactly what I hope happens Thursday. If we win there, with the way McEntire, pitched today, I’d guess we might see him Sat on 3 days rest, and Connor on Sunday on 3 days rest.? Both would probably be on a pretty short leash. We’ll need to have our “hitting shoes” on these next 4 (or 5) games.

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