Pitching Technology


I wrote some about that after Hobbs was hired: http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … er-descri/

The pitching area now is the old indoor batting cage on the third-base side of the stadium. It’s serviceable, but I think you’ll see something pretty spectacular when the new building is finished in 2021. Dave Van Horn told me they have toured facilities to pick up ideas from a number of different schools, including what Hobbs had helped construct at Wake Forest.

Cronin talked last night about reviewing the Trackman data from his outing. I noticed during the Masters that Trackman units (which I understand cost $17,000 each) were set up behind each tee. Maybe they do that at all PGA Tour events now; I haven’t watched much golf lately. But it’s the same technology for the same reason, looking at spin rate, launch angles for the hitters, etc.

Amazing what they can do nowdays if you got the money to pay for it.Glad we do!

The Trac-Mans on ranges of PGA events belong to the golfers