Pitching situation

The Stanford-UConn thread I started, mentioning their pitching situation, got me thinking about our situation.

It appears that McEntire is now SP2. Which is fine with me. He did the job yesterday against a team that could rake. And Connor is the clear SP1, and might have a future as a hockey goalie the way he puts his body in front of line drives.

Bullpen: Smith and Tygart late. Ramage and Taylor in the middle innings. Morris could get a spot start or come in as a situational lefty, which got him the win yesterday.

We didn’t use Zeb. We didn’t use Wiggy, or Tole or Starks.

The way the Omaha schedule is set up, Noland should go Saturday against UConn or the Thunderchickens. McEntire on Monday against Ole Miss or whoever. Next game would be either Tuesday (loser’s bracket) or Wednesday (winner’s bracket), and if we won 3 straight, we’d be through to the finals starting Friday with Noland good to go on Saturday.

One more pitching issue: The box score at the UA page says O’Brien got the loss for UNC. He faced one batter, gave up the hit to Slavens. But he wasn’t responsible for the runners on base; Stovall scored the winning run and he got the hit off Palermo, who by the rulebook should get the L.

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To add to your thoughts, the coaches wrestled with whether to start McEntire or Morris yesterday.

Yep, which is why I mentioned spot start for Morris.

I’m thinking if we hadn’t rallied yesterday and had to play today, they might have started Morris since he only faced one batter. Could have been Wiggy, I guess, or Zeb.

I could easily see Morris starting Tuesday or Wednesday if we get that far. Or maybe go back to Hagen if he doesn’t get used out of the pen in the first two games.

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I bet that decision had a lot to do about UNC’s Honeycutt.

I think it might have to do with the fact that McEntire has some similarities to Noland, who shut down UNC the day before. Together they threw 12 1/3 innings without a run.


Morris has to be SP3. Wiggins is too inconsistent, and Smith has found a new (and very successful) home at closer.

By the way…is McEntire back next year?

McEntyre has two more years if he wants them.

Since the decision was between a righty or lefty, the final decision may have as much to do with the opponent as it does the 2 pitchers.

Honeycutt was one of the most impressive freshmen with a bat in his hand that I’ve seen. He reminded me of Kjerstadt at the plate. He and Heston both have power to all fields with a quick effortless looking swing.

Honeycutt is a STUD. Great with a bat, cannon for an arm (remember he threw out somebody going from first to third Saturday), covers a ton of ground. He’s as good defensively as Dominic Fletcher and a lot more dangerous hitter. He’ll be high first round in two years.

Yeah Jeff I noticed Honeycutt when I watched them in the ACC tournament and and he was crushing balls out all tournament and I thought… This guy is a first rounder for sure because he has all the tools you need to be a great player. I like the way he carried himself,wasn’t cocky, just very driven and doing everything he could to get his team a win and he darn near did with that great catch in centerfield. I hope we can find one like him ASAP.

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Honeycutt said Arkansas was his second-favorite team growing up. He went to UNC because that was where his father played baseball and his mother ran track.


Portal, anyone?


That thought instantly hit me as well

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We have a center field position with your name on it and a number 4 spot in the batting order.

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I think you bat him no lower than 3. You want the maximum number of ABs and a 3 hitter is going to get a few more than the cleanup guy over the course of a season. UNC moved him up to #2 yesterday with Horvath in the hospital.

That’s true you always want him to bat the first inning for sure. Yeah and I was nervous at him batting 2 yesterday too just for that very reason.

Yup, and if Slavens hadn’t gotten the run home and we’d gone to extras, he was leading off the 10th.

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Lol. I was thinking the same thing.

I would be surprised if McEntire isn’t back. He’s not much of a prospect because he doesn’t throw hard, but he has the potential to be a really good college pitcher.