Pitching rotation for Hoover?

It would seem that Stephan will go Wednesday night against either Moo U or Georgia. Then who goes Thursday? Taco? Knight? Throw somebody else and hope to save Knight for the semis? Alberius and Murphy have more starts than anyone else, but I’m not sure I’d be real comfortable running either one out there Thursday against, oh, Florida. Or particularly if Thursday is an elimination game. Then there’s the idea of sitting Knight all weekend to try to save his sore forearm for the regional. He certainly looked OK yesterday, even though he was having a bit of cramping.


I wouldn’t be shocked to see a pitching committee while our studs get some rest

Me either. I suspect Stephan starts Wednesday, but that’d be 6 days rest, not 7. Might use him on Thursday, but I dont know who’d start Wed if we do that

We’ve thrown guys on 6 days’ rest before, on the weeks we went from Fri-Sun series one week to Thu-Sat series the next. I don’t think “short” rest would be that much of a hindrance. I’d be very surprised if anyone besides Trevor starts Wednesday night.

I believe the regional rotation will be Stephan, Knight, then TBA. So, I start Stephan on Wednesday, but have him on about a 75-pitch count. Go with Murphy for game 2, and then Knight for game 3 if we get there, but also have him on about a 75-pitch count. Win that game and it simply becomes a round robin with guys throwing a couple of innings.

No matter how you do it, everyone has to pitch anyways. This would give Stephan at least 8 days rest going into regional, and Knight at least 6 days rest.

Yeah, no matter how you slice it, a team that isn’t deep in the BP really gets stretched in the SECT. I just don’t want it to haunt us during the NCAA regional.

Knight is unlikely to pitch before Saturday. Phil said that on the radio broadcast yesterday and Matt confirmed that it had been hinted to him.

They simply will not take a chance with him for a tournament that will have little effect on the NCAA seeding.

Stephan will start the first game and either Reindl or Taccolini will start the second game. The earliest Knight would start is the third game, whether that be an elimination game Friday or a semifinal game Saturday.