Pitching question?

Not being critical, just curious, but how did we end up relying on freshman pitchers this year. I know we lost a bunch, but how what happened to the pitching staff that was here that we had to rely on freshman to be our Sat. and Sunday starters? Looks like from what I see in the bull pen, we may be relying on freshman again next year.
Is it that the good ones we recruited never made it to campus?
I know there are a lot of other teams with freshman pitchers as well.

Bonnin transferring to Texas tech hurt. Rutledge leaving really hurt after the year he had. There’s 2 that would have helped.

I think bonnin is pitching their deciding game right now

You are correct. Top of the 2nd inning and he has already thrown 41 pitches.

Because it’s college baseball and you usually have to rely on youth. Vandy threw a freshman (albeit a freak) last night in an elimination game.

OM is starting 2 freshmen in Gs 2 and 3 vs us.

It’s college baseball.

It’s freshman against freshman. No excuses, the better pitcher stayed on the mound past the second inning today. Pretty simple.

Will be freshman on freshman tomorrow.

Pretty common

Why did Bonnin transfer to TT anyway?

Arkansas could have had three older pitchers starting this year, but Van Horn likes having his older pitchers in the bullpen.

Because he was not going to be a starter.