Pitching plan

Arkansas will start Cody Adcock tomorrow and Hagen Smith on Thursday.



If we get the Cody that threw the last game at Vandy that he’s going to be good…really good


I like it. He needs experience. He has the stuff.


Cody can be really good at times. He has the chance to get it done.

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Not a surprise at all, as I thought we would likely hold Hagen until Thursday so he could pitch on his normal six days rest. That also means he would get an extra day and pitch on 7 days rest if he goes in game one next Friday at Baum.

Hopefully Cody starts strong and gives us a few good innings and maybe Morris can continue where he left off

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I’m surprised. I expected Bybee

I don’t think we will see much of Bybee.

He hadn’t pitched in a long time

I think Bybee has pitched his way into the portal. :thinking:

Adcock just needs to settle down and quit hopping and bouncing around on the mound; looks like too much of that Ole Miss attitude is still hanging on. Be a Hog!

Right on that - If that Cody comes to play CDVH knows what he going into the Regionals…however, we don’t want those umpires.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :rofl: He is a pitching and dancing wild hog!