Pitching matchup Saturday?

Who will they throw vs Campbell?

Will Etheridge has been their #1 guy all yr but LH pitcher Nikhazy has been their best pitcher for awhile now but usually throws the 2nd game so we will see.

Dave Van Horn said following the TCU game that he will pitch Isaiah Campbell if he’s ready. On seven days, he’ll be ready. Remember that at that time, Van Horn did not know whether the first super regional game would be Friday or Saturday.

Under that same thinking, would that probably mean that Wicklander will pitch Sunday (7 days). Then Nolan would be the “if needed” Sunday pitcher with an extra 2 days rest?

I’m not sure. It probably depends on whether Van Horn and Matt Hobbs think Noland or Wicklander is a better matchup vs. Ole Miss. By Sunday, both will have had at least seven days of rest.

We’ll talk to Van Horn tomorrow. He’ll probably give the starting rotation then.

I assume weather will affect his decision. Don’t think he wants to throw Campbell if there’s a rain delay. Which ever day that is less likely would be the day I think he’d start, and Noland the other.

Good point. I hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense, especially for this week-end. Fri - 90% rain, Sat - 80%, Sun - 20%, and Mon - 10%. This could have been a disaster if we had a Fri-Sun schedule. The first 2 games may have been canceled.

I saw a thread on here earlier that the school had some input with the NCAA about a Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon schedule. I wonder if Arkansas looked at the weather forecast and asked for a Sat-Mon?

From what Clay and Matt have reported in the past, DVH is kept well-informed about the weather and the likelihood of rain and/or storms. I feel sure that played a role in the schedule. The other point is that by playing early on Saturday, we may well avoid the rains. The chances for rain will go up as the day goes along and heats up.

Arkansas will start Isaiah Campbell in Game 1 and won’t announce a Game 2 starter until after the first game ends.

Ole Miss’ presumed rotation is Will Ethridge, Doug Nikhazy and Gunnar Hoglund.

I’d sure like to beat Nikhazy, he’s a good lefty. The kind of pitcher who gives us trouble. My stress-o-meter can’t stand a 3 days series or worse yet, losing game 1 & then having to win the next 2 to advance. I’d sure like to win this one in two.

So would we all, so would we all!