Pitching in winner take all?OK State/Arkansas

so …who do we have available for Monday’s game as opposed to them?seems like both bullpens are taxed…and will they be effective?

All hands on deck tomorrow. And I imagine DVH will have a short leash.

Hagen Smith has only pitched 1 1/3rd inning all weekend. Think I’d start him.

Same with Wiggins. Between these 2 of them we may be able to get 2 innings. :disappointed:

Neither coach would say when I asked about it tonight. I suspect just about every pitcher would be available in some capacity.

Pitching is a problem when everyone is fresh…


I wouldn’t start either one of them. I would pitch Consider starting Ramage! Have some arms loose. Morris also might be able to start. It will be a chore for the hogs to get a win.

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What about Vermillion?

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Everybody is available except maybe Noland. No one can go long. Tole hasn’t pitched Starks threw to one batter. Trest threw some.

We have to hope OSU pitching is spent, too. It could be another slugfest.

OSU has a big advantage if they want to be risky,they can throw their Ace for a few innings as well as their # 2 guy who threw Fri but if they win they would be on short rest for the Supers.
I have a feeling we will start Ramage and see how far he can go,Morris has shown he can go twice,so I think he will go as well,Vermillion for sure,this is a situation to where we just don’t have but 4-5 guys we have depended on all yr in the BP and now its biting us in the butt just like it would have last yr if it weren’t for Kopps.this has to change.
I would love for us to be able to depend on Smith and Wiggins to start but man they have killed us the last few weeks.
Looking forward to seeing how we do,low expectations due to the bad luck that seems destined for us but we will show up give it a try

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Start someone who can throw strikes.

Who can throw strikes? Lately that’s an issue.


There is no pitching when rested. Will they be able to pitch now?

Of course. But who is that?

Jose Canseco at this point…

Can the kitchen sink hold them to under 12 runs tonight? I think that will be the key. Theoretically, our kitchen sink should be in slightly better shape than their’s. The problem is all those mashers in black and orange. They can really make you pay for bad location. Other key is playing clean. Simply can not give them extra outs. GHG!

We really need an unknown to step up and throw lights out. Someone we least expect to come in and pitch the game of their lives. We’ve seen others do it against us all season. It’s our turn to do it to someone else


Is John Rutledge available?

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Yes but he now goes by the name of Jaxson Wiggins


There is no telling who gets the ball to start. The question is what will the score be late in the game when your trying to keep it close or to win with a lead?