Pitching has become a bad trend


What is wrong with our pitching this season? These shellings have become too common for my liking. What’s wrong and what is the fix?


It not pitching as whole! There’s youth on the hogs team and they have to gain experience. Throwing strikes and maintaining command of the strike zone is
Real important at this level and at times young pitchers totally miss the strike and miss their spots within the strike zone. Those misses within the strike zone are the ones that travel out of the ball park and
get you beat.
Last weekend pitching was the reason we won a series! This weekend it’s the opposite! Last year we had some bad games too!

well we have Sat and Sun starters that are not used to pitching on the big stage plain and simple…Noland is a Freshman nuff said and Scroggins has always been a reliever…you have to have a Great Friday guy which we do and 2 very good other starters which we don’t and that is the problem…
Wicklander shows the best potential of all of them if he can throw strikes better and to be honest he is the only other option…is what it is and why we are not really a threat for Omaha this yr.

The injury to Bolden has impacted the pitching a whole lot. He may not have started but he could have helped in the bull pen. I’m hoping Wicklander can step up and be effective. Having lefties that can pitch is a plus. Early in the year I had hope that Henry and Taylor could help but neither has been eye opening. You can count Monke to the list too!

Actually, I was impressed with Trest, Denton, and Henry in yesterday’s game.