Pitching: Good Pitching is all the difference

Kudos to Ole Miss…wish we had it this year.

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Sooner reliever kinda imploded. Feel sorry for him.

Oklahoma gave them the championship! We could never get luck like that happened for us.

The two best teams in the CWS were OM and us. But it appears the best one was OM.

I want to vomit but it’s true.

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And the best team in America was Tennessee.

As the so often say, “That’s baseball.”

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I think we will see the talent level of pitching go up some notches with stadiums , competition, weather, and CWS dominance in near term. Portal and transfers will be the key to this trend. Defense in league should step up overall too but it will be hard beat the group Arkansas put on field this year.

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OU was successful at one thing. Using the hint to score! That’s what I thought the hogs should have tried with the bases loaded!
OU just lacks experience and it showed.

Yep, losing Peyton P was huge. I thought Conner was going to have a good year and we would only need to add 1 starter. We had to add two. I think with a healthy Peyton, we would have won it all.


I think so, too. Of course, when you’re one of the last 3 teams standing, it doesn’t take much to get the next step.

Ole Miss is the enigma to me. They started out the season ranked #1. Sucked throughout the regular season (showing marked improvement the last 2 weekends), then going 0-1 in Hoover. Then bingo. Going thru the NCAAT with only one loss. Clearly had the talent all along.

Our pitching was obviously sufficient to win the naty. What killed us was our bats glued to our shoulder. Watching pretty strikes doesn’t put necessary runs on the board. Rewatch any game and see the number of first strikes that were the best ball of the at-bat. That killed us in Omaha.

For the most part I agree , except in game one against Ole Miss where pitching did us in.

Hogs lost twice to Ole Miss in two far different ways. As always it is a team game. One game no pitching. One game no hitting. So you can’t make it so simple as pointing to one thing.

But we did. A simple foulball pop-up with plenty of room from the seats, reachable by three players, for a National Championship. OOPS!

yes somebody should have caught that ball sure but I was talking about two passed balls that gave them the two winning runs.and also the running in the lane took away a run from Oklahoma. That would have been us that would have had to run taken away.

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