Pitching glove? Fielder’s glove?

An ECU pitcher apparently came in from playing SS
And the guy from Okie State came in from 3rd

Both cases they changed their fielding glove. Why would they need different gloves and what are those differences?

Wax on the pitching gloves?

Middle infielders, obviously use small gloves to speed up the transfer to their throwing hand on double plays.

Pitchers like big gloves as it helps hide the ball in their pitching hand during the windup. It makes it more difficult to see the grip.

Also, the bigger glove gives pitchers a better chance of knocking down balls sharply hit up the middle.

I have no idea how accurate this is, but …

There are two main differences that immediately occur to me. A pitcher’s glove should generally be one solid color, no different colored laces or panels of leather. An umpire could put up a fuss about a glove with more than one color, lest it be a distraction for the batter trying to pick up the flight of the ball. The second big difference would be that a pitcher’s glove has a solid web that can’t be seen through, which would hide the grip a pitcher has on the ball before he . Other than that, it helps if a pitcher’s glove is larger than a typical infielders glove, for those hot line drives up the middle.

Marty is pretty much correct. I know a pitcher’s glove can not have white or gray, lest it be distracting for a batter when trying to discern the baseball. I’m not certain if it can’t be two different colors, but rules state that it can not be distracting to the batter.

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