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So, before you rip me as a hater or troll or recent poster (check the history), tell me this. What pitcher has improved in his career over the last several years? I’ve been asking this for several weeks but all the rebuttals are “but we’ve won 30, 40, 50 games”. Is that because, or in spite of our coach. Also, coaching is NOT why Kevin has done what he’s done this year. And, “he’s good at Trackman” or whatever is not a legit response. A 2nd year CIS major could spit out the results…

If DVH is happy with him, we should be happy with him.

We lost one series this year and it was due to lack of hitting, not pitching.


Do you think Coach is comfortable with him or Coach is complacent with him? Love Coach, but worry he may be comfortable, if you know what I mean…

I agree timely hitting has been an issue. But we lead the nation in HR and walks, usually a prescriptor for success.

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My word, many pitchers have improved under his coaching

Isaiah Campbell is a great example


Isaiah was improved, in Hobbs first season. Hobbs respinsible, doubtful.

We had success, lots of it. The most regular season success in our history.

However, our bats went silent the last few games.

Pay attention.

This is just Hobbs 3rd year, counting the lost 2020 season. Next season will be a good development year to judge him on Sophs - Seniors. I would say the jury is still out on Hobbs.

Did Kopps get any better?

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Watched every game, took breaks between innings. Vermillion, Lockart, Noland, Ramage, Gray, Taylor,…

All regressed throughout the season. Otherwise, Kopps would not have started tonight. Bless that man!

As I said before, Hobbs had ZERO to do with Kopps’ development. Don’t believe me, just ask him. Or review any of his interviews about the development of his pitch…

I’m not going to go on any with this conversation.

However, if DVH doesn’t think Hobbs is the right person, Hobbs won’t last at UA.

Yes, of course. He made an enormous improvement. Hobbs has said publicly that he takes no credit for that. He said it was all Kevin, who worked like a madman, after his poor 2020 performance, on his body and strength. He said Kevin came up with the pitch he’s now throwing. Now, I’m sure Hobbs did help him and push him and needs to take some credit for his amazing turnaround.

The only reason I say the jury is still out is the performance of Trest, Ramage, Vermillion, and to some erxtent, Monke this season

Must be why he was a interviewed for the Yankees pitching job last year…

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Well, he didn’t get it. Maybe he showed them the stats of his player development.

Bobv will probably disappear for a bit now. Tough to lose this game but they won 50 before losing last two. They lost 6-5 and 3-2 in a small park. Not the worst pitching.

I’d say Wicklander got better, too. Hobbs took care of Wicklander after severe weight loss because of diabetes. I know that family thinks a lot of Hobbs.

Did you think Heston Tole got better?

It’s tough to lose at this stage.


Once again tonight I suppose I’ve seen what some Alabama fans post on their message board when they don’t win a Natty.

Great coaches, great players and great fans. No one is more disappointed than those coaches and players.

Thanks guys. You gave it your all. I appreciate you.


Hobbs has been here for three seasons, so I assume you mean that period instead of several years.

Aside from Kopps on this team, I’ve seen a lot of improvement from Wicklander, Pallette, Monke and Tole over the arc of their career. Tole is only a freshman, but he made a tremendous jump from the fall.

Noland was much better at the beginning of last season than in 2019. He was hurt most of this year, so it’s hard to put too much stock into his performance. He pitched pretty well over the final month.

I thought Wiggins looked like a more complete pitcher at the end of the season than he did at the start, although the numbers were not as impressive as the first few weeks because he was being used in a different role and playing better teams.


I heard an interview with Kevin saying Hobbs had a whole lot into making KK what he was this yr in fact I think he said Hobbs had everything to do with it bc he showed him what his pitches were doing and then KK worked on the things they talked about and perfected them.

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Hobbs is widely respected among his peers. That is a fact.