Pitching Coach hire?

I was told that DVH hired (or is considering) a pitching coach from Wake Forest. Is there any truth to that?

Matt Hobbs spent 4 years at Mizzou (his alma mater) prior to going to Wake.

It should be officially announced Friday or Saturday. It will be Matt Hobbs.

It didn’t take DVH long to find a pitching coach. I’m hoping he can change me in and continue doing a job as well as Wes Johnson did.

Don’t know anything about him but I think Arkansas Baseball is much like Saban and Alabama in football. When an assistant coaching position comes up DVH pretty much has his pick of the litter of those that want to advance their career. Because of that I bet this guy is pretty damn good…

It looks like Kendall Rogers likes the hire…

<LINK_TEXT text=“https://twitter.com/KendallRogers/statu … 7022466048”>https://twitter.com/KendallRogers/status/1065385597022466048</LINK_TEXT>


I always have faith that Coach knows what he is doing. However, from a statistical point of view, I am not impressed. The Wake Forest team ERA last year was 5.19. The opponents ERA was 4.62. In 2017, Wake Forest had a 4.11 ERA with the opponents showing 7.05. The 2018 ERA had Wake Forest ranked 192nd in the NCAA in terms of ERA. That is pretty much mediocre. That either means a drop off in performance or a drop off in recruiting. Either one would not be good for the Razorbacks. I guess someone knows something that I do not. Never-the-less, go Hogs!

I assume that would be DVH

I think the key is talent at Ark > talent at WF

over pure ERAs.

The ACC has had some pretty salty batting lineups up an down the league for quite some time.

DVH knows who & what’s best. Not worried.

I’m told by someone I really trust in college baseball this is an excellent hire. This person knows and likes Matt Hobbs a lot.

I’m told Matt is really into the analytics, even more than Wes Johnson. Players will love him and it’s big with recruits.

It will make for an easy transition.