Pitchers for midweek Texas series?

I suppose I could somehow go back and find an old box score but I’ll bet somebody here knows who started our two midweek games against Texas.

I only ask because their fans are quick to point out that the two TX starting pitchers in those games are basically no longer in their rotation as they did not pitch at all in the regionals or supers…while at the same time implying we used our “ace.” I do remember Cronin closing out at least one of the games but not who started them.



We started Murphy the first game and he was solid. Went six innings and gave up a couple of runs. The second game we started Hunter Milligan and sort of went Johnny Whole Staff. Used six pitchers and closed out with Cronin. No Knight, no Campbell, Loseke went like an inning and so did Cronin.

I would tell their fans that their “top” two guys that we didn’t see both have ERA’s over 4. We ain’t scared!!

they didn’t start anybody I saw them use this weekend against TT but rest assured that nobody who they put out there we will have seen someone better.our Schedule is our best friend this time of the yr.their main reliever is a sidewinder whos good but we’ve seen the same type pitcher for Tamu who is even better IMO.
we wiil be fine if our pitchers can keep the ball in the park and defense doesn’t give runs away.

Thanks Jake; I knew somebody would know. I think at that time too that we were “figuring out” that KM was going to be our #2 starter as he had started other midweek games as well.

I really hope that they start Kingham (sp?) against us. He has got an extra dose of that Longhorn arrogance it seems.

Texas threw a couple of pitchers against Arkansas who have not pitched this postseason.