Pitcher Usage

It’s been weeks since we’ve seen Wiggins or Trest. I know y’all have said they are looking at JW as a possible starter (and he’s getting the nod vs ASU).

Just seems like they’ve been good pitchers this year. Would like to see one of them get the nod over Zeb and maybe another 1-2.


Yes. It’s a bit of a head scratcher for me with Wiggins. I believe the last time we saw Wiggins was in the last game loss against A&M. He pitched the last 2 innings and pitched as well as he has since the beginning of the season. He pitched 2 shutout innings and allowed zero hits. Gave us the chance to win that game if we could have scored twice in the last 2 innings.

I expected to see more of him in our last 3 series, but he didn’t make a single appearance. Maybe he’ll get a Sunday start in this next series at TN. Or at least some innings in relief.

Kopps has taken Wiggins’ weekend innings. Wiggins was up getting loose but not throwing while Kopps was warming up yesterday. He probably would have been the next pitcher into the game if Kopps struggled, but that didn’t happen.

Trest is expected to pitch tomorrow. His problem has been the lack of an effective off-speed pitch to complement his fastball.

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Doesn’t matter how hard you throw if they know that’s all they’re gonna see in the SEC.

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