Pitcher last year...

We had a fireballing pitcher that came on in relief. I think he was from Florida. Does anyone remember him and what his role is this season?

Yes, lefty Cronin had some impressive moments last year as a freshman.

I do not know if they plan to use him as a mid-week starter or a reliever.

I think you’ll see him be used in critical moments out of the bullpen this year, maybe as a long reliever and maybe as a closer.

He has really good movement on his fastball, but he can start to wear down after about two innings.

Cronin throws hard, but it’s more than that. His motion hides the ball and it’s very difficult to find. Right handed batters just can’t see it. That makes him more effective. But after you see it for a few batters, it’s less of an issue. That’s why I think you’ll see him pitch more in relief.

Thanks for all the info. He was exciting to see last year. Does he just need to develop another pitch or is his ceiling going to be a short reliever?

He needs to learn to pace himself. He throws so hard that coaches often have to rein him in some. The coaches tested him in the fall to see how he would respond to being a starter and it was determined he needed to stay in the bullpen.