Pitcher from pleasant grove & Evan Lee

PG kid pitched well not sure why he hadn’t been given another opportunity

May be time for Evan to replace Bonfield as DH

Caleb Bolden is starting the game tonight.

yes no doubt time for Lee to replace Bonfield IMO


yes no doubt time for Lee to replace Bonfield IMO

[/quote]He’s a nice player. 2 hits, including a three run homer, and the save.

I would tend to agree, especially against righties. There is just something about him. He’s got a little clutch gene going on…gamer

he puts the bat on the ball and is ready to hit when he steps in the box unlike Bonfield.worth a shot against RH pitching IMO

I love to watch Evan Lee play baseball. That’s anywhere he plays. He is a clutch player. He likes the big moments. And, I think we are going to keep seeing him show up and also improve. He looks better every time I see him. When you talk to him, it’s like talking to a grown man. He’s got a maturity that reminds me of talking to James McCann and Zack Cox. Those two just understood everything that was happening around them in a game or away from the game. That’s Evan Lee.

One of the stalwarts of our tailgate made Ribbys for several of the longtime tailgaters. He asked me which number I wanted on mine. I asked for #27. At the time it was for James McCann. Now it is for both McCann and Lee.

I’ve had the same opinion of Lee since I first saw him last year. Obviously, I don’t have the direct access to him that you do, Clay. But I admire his even-tempered, quietly confident demeanor. Having never met him, I would have thought/guessed everything you stated above. He’s just . . . a ball player. And, one that seems to thrive in clutch situations. Plus, you get the feeling he cold literally play any position on the team, and play it well. Not over-the-top fantastic at anything, but good at everything.

My only regret is that we haven’t seen more of him. I do understand, given the depth and experience on this team. But, I do expect we will see more of him as this season progresses, and then a lot more next year.

I think he will be an anchor in the lineup next year. Almost like a “fixer” like MA talks about on the basketball team. In the end of season press conference last year DVH said that he wished he would have played Lee more, said that he’s just a winner.
Last year especially it seemed like good things happened when he came into a game. I know he had several timely hits and outs at the plate and on the mound, but what sticks out to me was the extra innings game against K-state last season when the winning run scored on a wild pitch. Lee was the batter at the plate, and he technically didn’t help score that run, but the pitcher was definitely afraid to put something in the zone.

And yeah, Bolden is for real. He, Bonin, and Cronin should make for a real nice weekend rotation next year.

Players that are gamers! Refer to Lee. He is always into the game even when he is on the bench. A team player that knows how to win. All good teams have players like him. I enjoy watching him.