Pitcher attacks guy who hit HR off him

Wow, someone obviously didn’t watch the video.

Those two teams are scheduled to play again this weekend. But with all the suspensions, the batter’s team may well have to forfeit. (Both teams forfeited the brawl game.)

Wow, show Sam that tackle!

If anyone dared hit a HR off Mr. Gibson, they went around the bases almost meekly and said nothing. They knew when they came up again, it could be bad. He did not have to tackle anyone. He would just get the ball and strike out the rest, but you better not mouth off, because you would not need a shave for the next week.

That man was the real deal. The game is nine innings, so I pitch 9. I do not waist pitches. There are only so many in your arm. Throw strikes. Walks are bad.


He would have been eject for targeting.

He is now no longer on the team… they kicked him off.

Wonder if he is related to Fla pitcher Barco who cussed at the umpire?

Now he can enter the portal and go play for Vitello.

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Do the Hogs still need linebackers?

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