Pitcher attacks guy who hit HR off him

Just when you thought you had seen everything LOL

Can’t wait for Jomboy’s reaction vid for this one!

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Has this pitcher ever had any interaction with Vitello?
Asking for a friend, lol.


Seems pretty norm to me.

Perfect form tackle. Maybe missed his calling.

He’ll be kicked off his team and Vitello will pluck him out of the portal.

Well what can we expect the way anything goes! There will be consequences for this and maybe it will be the first time in the young man’s life he has ever been held accountable for his actions! Lack of discipline and self control! He wouldn’t ever play for a team i had anything to do with or represent again!

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Has everybody heard Jomboy’s 'Breakdowns" of plays?

IF not it’s a treat, IMO…

Not at all an excuse, but it looks like there was some jawing going on as the guy rounded the bases.

Yeah Jeff, there’s more behind the scenes than we probably know… reminds me of when the Florida pitcher last year struck out slavens and appeared to be cussing him on the way of The dugout. The next time he faced him slavens took him deep and was gesturing to the mound the whole time around the bases. Players don’t forget that kind of crap so you better be ready for anything. This was obviously over the line and that player will suffer severe consequences I’m sure but you better be careful what you say on the field.

+2 for the batter. :sunglasses:

They just showed on SportsCenter apparently as the batter was rounding the bases he was mouthing off to the pitcher because the umpire pointed at him and about that time the pitcher threw down his glove and charged him as he was rounding third ,so they’re obviously was something going on before this, but you can clearly see the batter saying something to the pitcher as he gets close to third Base

. If you just smacked a dinger that’s about all the talking that needs to be done. But if you’re one of those egomaniac, mouthy, rub it in your face types, better keep one eye on the dude you’re clowning.
Never know how a person is wired in the heat of battle.

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I’m pretty sure the pitcher had been doing some mouthing of his own previous to this or the batter wouldn’t have been mouthing off at him rounding the bases.same thing happened to us last year against Florida when their guy mouthed off to slavens after he struck him out, next time he faced him slavens took him deep and you could see slavens saying something to him as he rounded the bases also. There will always be retaliation to someone running their mouth.that’s why it’s best to just let your play do the talking for you.


Yea its usually a 2 way street with these things. If someone just hammered a HR of ya they got all the ammo in their pocket. Its basically their turn to roast. I was pretty hot headed in my younger sports day, pulled a few stunts that weren’t to gracious to say the least, lol.

Dumb move. You just wait until the guy comes back up and plunk him with a heater. Or you just plunk the next batter. If the batter wants to charge the mound then that’s on them. Too much showboating and mouthing these days which is why I really like C DVH!

The pitcher got him a 4 game suspension.

The batter and most of his teammates were given two-game suspensions — enough so that they have to forfeit their next two games against the team whose pitcher attacked him.

The lesson here is don’t get attacked while running the bases and don’t run out of the dugout to defend your teammate.

So basically one game unless hes a BP guy.