Pinson transferring out of Missouri

Wow. Martin has a significant rebuild on his hands and a marginal recruiting class.

I was wondering watching the game why Pinson wasn’t in the game. I guess there’s an issue between coach and player.

That is a wow. I’d love to have Pinson next year. He’s had some great games against us. He seems to have every thing except consistency. He’s quick as a cat and also end to end fast. Pinson also has a really good looking 3 point shot. Once again, just hasn’t developed consistency with that 3 point shot. I’ll bet Muss and staff can help him with that! He has had a bit of a TO problem. As a PG, he had just a 1-1 assist to turnover ratio.

If he hasn’t already, I sure hope Muss jumps on this one!

He’s a Jr. Do Jrs get an extra year of eligibility, or is that seniors only? If the “one time immediately eligible transfer rule” goes through, it won’t matter as far as immediate eligibility.

Missouri about to take a big drop.

Unless there is an attitude problem, I would absolutely love to see Pinson in a Hog uni.

I hate that for them

Yeah, me too. Boo hoo.

Everybody currently on a basketball roster gets an extra year if they want it. Six years to play five. But the scholarship limit only expands by the number of seniors this year who stick around. Otherwise it’s still 13. If Devo wanted to play five years, Muss would have to fit him into his 13 for 2025.

Looks like Auburn just offered Pinson. I’m sure he’ll have multiple options.

I thought he was the best player on their team. It seemed he wanted to play faster than the coach wanted to play.

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Let’s freakin’ go get him

13 points, 3 assists, 2.4 boards and 1.1 steals per game this season, with Cuonzo keeping him on a leash. I’d take him.

Transfer portal is about to explode.I bet every school has at least one in the portal. I am surprised by the names in the portal like 2 UNC bigs, Georgetown Big.

Oklahoma will have new men’s and women’s coach since Lon Kruger will announce today. Watch players from both teams enter the portal.

Sounds like a game of musical chairs. Does everyone find a place to sit when the music stops, or do high school recruits get squeezed out instead? My guess is the high school kids are going to be the losers here.

The transfer portal is as out of control as coaches’ salaries.

There will be lots of high school kids who realize they are suddenly with a junior college (or DII) destination. Will not effect the high DI recruits.

So why does it need to be controlled? That’s the entire point. You can quit your job tomorrow if someone gives you a better offer (or sell your business to them for you enterpreneurs). Athletes haven’t had that freedom; they can transfer, but it’s been difficult and costs them a year of their lives. The portal makes it easier and immediate eligibility takes away that year of doing nothing.

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