Pink Puppies hire assistant from Murder U

It’s paywall, but you can see all you need to know right here.

Interesting decision by Hodgson. He is a recruiter and the challenges of ASU for quality player will keep him busy. Someone posted they have started a NIL and they will need it. Hardaway and Beard are not going to leave much on the limbs in Shelby County or the surrounding area.

Arkansas State University…AKA Little Bama…athletic director;head football and men’s basketball coaches are former Alabama staff members…might change their new name to the baby elephants…just saying

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Then that awful front facing hog would no longer look like the ASWho logo. I still wouldn’t like it.


Was that a Long thing? He screwed everything else up. :frowning_face:

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FFH? I think Nike cooked that up during the Long regime.


I think that’s right. The popcorn hog and the dog bone logo were earlier.

And all AWFUL!

Yep, but Colby Hale seems to love FFH

Nobody is perfect.

Correct. Nolan loved the pig jumping through the A, which I have always thought is hideous.

Pretty sure you’re in the minority there. To me, that one and Slobber Hog are the best.

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I will never own or wear anything with front-facing Hog on it.

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I have a light weight full zip hoodie with a front facing hog. I put a pin over the logo so it is hidden.

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I have an old cap with a front facing hog. Probably got it in about 2003 or so. It’s not the same one you see today, but since the losers from Jonesboro copied with their logo, I don’t like it. Always preferred a running hog.

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Bet he finds it much harder to recruit to jboro than to Alabama

I looked at their board to see what they said about him. There’s a trhread called Roll Tide. They’re using it to gloat about our loss last night. One thing is certain: they’ll never have to worry about losing the third round game in the NCAA.

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