I have no inside information. Have never been to a practice. Have seen 3 games in person and the rest on TV. I have seen all or at least most of Musses PCs. Now you know this is just my ideas and may be wrong. I often am so that is nothing new.

Pinion was a very nice, even great player coming in, but was not as highly regarded as some of his new teammates (almost no one was). I imagine he has never been regarded as anything but the best on his teams. It seems he got to the UofA and did not expect to be given anything. He just put his head down and went to work on his game following as good coaching as there is. He could shoot, but his defense was not what it needed to be to get a lot of playing time in SEC. He worked on it. His defense started to improve and Muss noticed (Muss misses nothing). Last night, his team needed his skill set. He came in and did his thing on offense. On defense he did his job (according to no less than Muss). His team would have lost without him. He played I think 29 minutes.

This just shows what happens in this program when players come in and just go to work doing what the staff says. He is a freshman. This is a big deal and I am so proud of him. Not saying he was not a valued recruit, but who thought that half way through this first season with these players, he would become a valued contributor?

I am sure some nights, his skill set will not fit what is needed. It will on others as we saw. That is how it should work on a complete team. Thank you Mr. Pinion.

Oh yes, CEM knew just what piece of the puzzle to play. That is one of the reasons he wins so much (see Johnson against SDS). He is so good!


That is a good summarization of his time here so far. Joseph knew his defense needed to improve and has worked really hard at it, as you can tell from his play last night. He’s a great kid who just loves to play basketball. And hes pretty good at it too.


You have to credit both Pinion and CEM. You do not lose two players of the caliber Ark. has lost to injuries and find quick fixes to the problem. This season will be an ongoing process and at times may get ugly, but you are not going to the change the situation. We are lucky to have the players and coaches in place that take great pride in the University and the people they represent on the playing field and in the classroom.


It’s tough coming in as a frosh and sitting when you’ve been the star in HS and AAU. I have a family member who is going through that right now. But hard work and keeping your mind right leads to more minutes plus the knowledge that a starting spot is highly likely in your 2nd year. I visited my family member about a month ago, she is over the rough spot and has her mind focused.

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Keep in mind that other factors out of his control were also at play like NSJ being injured. I suspect if AB went down we’d see a lot more Ford, for example. So yes what you do in practice matters but that may not be enough unless there are available minutes for you. Still you have to perform when you get them. Pinion did. Graham has not.