Love it! Thanks RD.

wow, that’s an incredible line, especially given the total points!


This young man can shoot a ball…

Nice stats!

57% of his teams total points. That’s a WOW! You know that he’s also double teamed in every game.

Nice. Resembles a Philip McKeller stat line from back in the day. :grin:

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If I recall, Sacred Heart is a small Catholic school in Morrilton. They were A or B school back in the 60s. No idea what they are now, but probably several levels below Morrilton.

Yes Sacred Heart is a small catholic school. Enrollment isn’t 10 percent of what Morrilton’s is.

I watched him one time last year and last night.

I wasn’t overly impressed last year, as he was fresh off knee surgery and was wearing a cumbersome brace.

Last night, he looked like a Top 100 player. He’s athletic, great court awareness, and has a pretty jumper. He bricked a few early, but heated up later.

I’m glad he’s a Hog.

Hog Assistant, Gus A was looking on,

So they don’t guard one of the other players? I like Pinion a lot and I think he is underrated but this isn’t like double teaming a receiver in football.