Pinion to announce Friday


All the CB’s are for Arkansas.

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1 down, 5 more to go😤

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Yes, Arkansas it will be.

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Big guard… I’m happy and selfish… want more.

Is he done growing…considering he class of 2022?

They project him 6-8. He will be a sharp shooting SF.

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More of a guard from what I’ve been told but either way he’ll fill it up.


I know that is what he is today, but I was thinking he is going to grow to a size that will dictate he play SF like a Todd Day. Regardless, great shooter and nice to wrap him early. Duke was after him. I didn’t see Duke as a threat to Arkansas getting him, but if he stays uncommitted too long, anything can happen. He is special. Really like him.

Love when instate stars commit early and without any drama. Joe Johnson, Bobby Portis, Daniel Gafford, Isaiah Joe and now Pinion.


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