Pinion highlights


not too shabby…hope that translates to the next level!

His three range is stupid. He will play next year if he can at least be serviceable on D.

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Great looking stroke! what was his 3 %?? hope he can help us next yr.

Always need shooters. Key will be how quickly he play defense needed. His size will help him w the defensive switching Muss requires

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Yep he for sure knows he’s going to have to be a warrior on defense already.

He hit one standing on the mascot’s nose. Had to be close to 30 feet. Also looked to be effortless. I saw one interview where he said he had been working really hard on his defense this last year. Seemed to know that was necessary to get any minutes next season.


Love his range and that shot looks pure. Can he guard anyone is the key. I remember MA subbing out a certain shooter who couldn’t stay in front of a fence post.

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It sure looks as though he has a beautiful (and consistent) rotation and trajectory on his shot, comes from thousands and thousands of shots. And he has good hops too

Can’t wait to see how Muss develops him

Great range. Hope it translates to the SEC

Have we ever signed a shooter with that range demonstrated in high school? (The number of deep threes he made is substantial). Same question- Where can one find high school basketball stats? Was looking for some (same q, avg scoring and 3 point shooting) on NSJ just out of curiosity.

Yeah Al Dillard could launch them from the parking lot. I like Pinion though if he can translate that into the college game he will be a tremendous asset to us. I don’t know anything about finding the stats

Rontei Clark and Daryl Macon come to mind.

I just hope Pinion can guard somebody. Jackson Robinson can shoot it but he can’t get on the floor because of his defense.


Yup. One-dimensional gunners ain’t gonna play for Muss. Or most other coaches, unless they’re willing to play a zone to hide them.

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Looking at highlights of pinion - he is anything but a one dimensional gunner. He penetrates and pulls up and is a very willing dunker too. Of course he must be a willing defender. The skills that allow him to dribble penetrate and dunk should allow him to be a defender too.

Cannon Whitney, baby! he’s gonna be a PTP’er for Nolan, and on the all name team!!!

that’s really close to how Vitalle talked about him. but it did not translate to SEC baseketball, despite a fantastic prep career.


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Don’t recall Cannon being much of a drive/pull up shooter or a dunker of the ball, as is deep range Pinion.

Great highlights, but I couldn’t help noticing in every highlight how nice the public school gyms have become.

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Rotnei couldn’t guard very many.