Pinion comparison

I told him you said he was completely forgettable. I did not forget him nor will I ever forget his family. I thought they were solid. You do type with a mean spirit sometimes. Are you accusing him of steroid use?

As a true freshman Scotty exploded at Arizona, Missouri and Ole Miss. For around 90.

Warren won us several games with his shooting, one game in particular was when Arizona came to Barnhill. He was making every thing he put up that day.

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You are right, Clay. That was mean-spirited, and I apologize.

I was in a bad head space last night.
I’m going to see my uncle in KC for probably the last time on Thursday, but that is no excuse. I just shouldn’t have been posting.

As far as Warren, he wasn’t a bad player, and yes, he did have his moments. He just wasn’t very nice to me.

Scotty’s stats (PPG, RPG) went down each year after his freshman year.

Hopefully, Pinion’s numbers will go the other direction.

BTW, if you read my post, I stated that Pinion’s production may never be as good as Scotty’s. I said they are similar in stature, shooting, athleticism and ball handling.

Yes, I am. You could be right. Let’s see how Pinion develops.

But I still have trouble getting on board with Bell comparison. When I was trying to find a compare for Pinion, Bell just didn’t pop up. I think that has to do with their size. Bell is just 6-3. Pinion much bigger at 6-6, more like 6-5 Linn and 6-5 Whitney.

I think if we are going to compare Pinion to Bell, there are several others that come to mind.

That’s fair. As a neighbor and friend of family, my relationship was the opposite.

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This is insane.

I see a guy on the court, and he reminds me (sort of) of a guy who played here 25 years ago. Not “exactly”, but he brought him to mind.

Why? Because I think most pigeonhole guys with reputation as a good 3 point shooter and expect them to be spot up shooters with limited athleticism. How many times did you see Pat Bradley, Ant Bell or Jannero Pargo throw one down?

Now, I’m not saying that Whitney was an ace 3 point shooter, he was better than average (36%) in that department (especially for that era). And he definitely had some crowd-pleasing jams. We know Pinion has the stroke from distance, and in some of the HS highlight videos I watched this off-season, he can get up better than you might expect.

The two kids are listed at the same height and have (had) similar builds. So…at this early stage of Pinion’s career, he kind of reminds me of Whitney.

Why is that a big deal?

Let’s not try to make more out of this than simply that.

I had dinner with Guy, Pat Bradley and Pat’s family (including parents and 4-5 others) at the original AQ Chicken House, Fayetteville. We played San Fransisco that night and Guy played more minutes than usual…had a good game while occasionally having to switch off and guard their 7 footer. I had met Pat’s family in Mass. while on temporary work assignment…long story as is the one about getting his family rooms at the Stay-Inn-Style B&B.

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I’d still like to hear if Pat’s Dad has held on to the custom coffee mug I had made showing Pat in uniform and shooting a jumper…the caption under his feet was “Shooting god”.

Warren Linn was like a number of former players who were signed as role players but were solid prospects relative to how good the team was at the time. Guys like Kevin Rehl and Phillip McKellar. Pinion is better than those guys. Some of the shooters from the Sutton era were pretty good like Mike Young and Chris Bennett (before he got hurt). Bennett would have been better than pretty good. He would have been a very good complement to the Triplets.

I really like Pinion but to compare him to Scotty Thurman is not even close.

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Agree with that,

Pinion kind of reminds me of Phillip McKellar.

I’m going to go with Chris Walker, who I thought was a very underated player. Shot 40% from beyond the arc for his career and averaged 10.8 with 4.5 rebounds his senior year. Though I think Joe might have a little higher ceiling.

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I remember Guy very well two of my sons played with Guy at Bentonville High School.

Good point. I thought Bell was at least 6’5". I guess maybe I’m remembering all his corner 3s. Because of his really high release point on his 3s, he could get if off over most any defender. His release point on that shot may have been higher than Pinion’s, who’s 3 inches taller.

I saw Chris Bennett in high school before the knee injury. He was an incredible talent. A true 5 star. Dexter Reed told me he was as good as any player he ever faced before the injury.

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Catholic High, right?

Yep. He was a 4 boy. A crying shame he didn’t get to play with the triplets. Might have pushed us right over the top in 78 and 79.