Pinion comparison

How many of you remember this ex-Hog from the late 90’s?

I do believe that Pinion has more upside than Whitney…but they are about the same size and both more athletic than you might think at first.

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Pinion and Guy are both white.

The best comparison of Pinion I’ve seen is Scotty Thurman. Pinion may never produce like Thurman but their games are similar. Same size. Good shooters. Better than average jumpers. Limited ball handling. Clutch.

I know Guy. He is hilarious, and was a pretty good player, but he was a walk on.
Pinion is significantly better than Guy was, but if you ever have a chance to have a beer with Guy and Pat Bradley, DO IT!


I think Warren Linn is a good comparison in terms of ability.

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The only comparison between Scotty and Pinion is that they both play basketball. Other than that, it’s a terrible comparison IMO. Their games are not at all alike.

Yes, Pinion and Whitney are both white…but it is their game similarity that caught my eye. I’ll agree that Pinion has more upside (as I said in the OP), but both are more athletic than you’d think. More so than Warren Lynn and Pat Bradley, for example. Guy and Joseph can both throw it down if given the opportunity.

Warren Linn was a good three point shooter who was about the same height as Pinion, but lacked the ability to do much of anything else on offense or defense. He hardly ever shot a free throw because he never played around the basket or drove the ball on offense, and he was not a guy you wanted handling the ball much. He never averaged more than 4 points a game.

Pinion has already shown a lot more game than Warren Linn ever did. Linn was an okay role player on a team with a lot of talent. Pinion has a better overall scoring ability already and has shown a bit of offensive flair in his first half season of college ball.


My first year as a manager was Warren’s last. It is an insult to Pinion to compare him to Linn.
All I remember about Linn is he taught Davor about grunge, and he worked out like a demon to get (probably artificially) big.
But hey, the girls, and my gay barber, loved him.:stuck_out_tongue:
As a player, completely forgettable.

I really don’t get why we have to always compare white players to other white players. Pinion kinda reminds me of Ant Bell (maybe Daryl Macon), but definitely not Scotty.
That is ridiculous.


I just hope all the hog players play well. Pinion can shoot it for sure but he has shown some defensive ability in the last few games. The young man can play. Ford has also made the most of his minutes too! Both of these guys need to continue to improve. I’m still hoping Nick Smith comes back and gets in game shape soon.

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Thank you

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Warren lived across the street from me in Tulsa. He was not as bad as Jeremy says. I’ll send that take to him. Still keep up with Warren.

Dang Jeremy. You don’t like Alice In Chains or Foo Fighters?

By the way, Baylor is just pissing this game away against this dang Kansas team. I can’t stand this Grady Dick punk.

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Warren doesn’t give a rip what I think, Clay, and I didn’t say he was a bad player. He just was what he was…nothing special.
I have no idea what he is doing these days, but his family is oil rich. He ain’t hurting, but nothing I said was false.

No, I hate grunge…except for Nirvana. I got real sick, real quick of Warren and Davor singing Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy” to me every freaking day.

And…Baylor came thru tonight.
In my dream scenario we beat LSU and Baylor, and Kansas beats the brakes off Kentucky.

Also, Grady Dick has an extremely punchable face and the perfect name.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah. agree. I really liked Linn. He could shoot that ball. He was as good on defense as Pinion. In fact I thought he performed well in Nolan’s system.

As far as Ant Bell, he could drive to the hoop and score from midrange. Also not the quickest but was quick on his feet. I would not compare him to Bell until Pinion can score in ways other than as a spot up shooter. Not saying Pinion can’t do that. Just hasn’t shown it yet. In his defense, he has received enough PT to show all of his skills.

Also as far as comparing Pinion to white players only, that is a fair point. Yes we get sucked into that consciously or unconsciously. But I can’t think of any black player off the top of my head. I am sure there is one, but can’t remember.

PJ, I think you may be comparing Pinion to Jr-Sr Ant Bell. Bell in his last 2 years became an excellent 3-point shooter (over 40%, if I remember right) and a good all around scorer. I actually like the comparison of Pinion to Bell as a Fr-So. Fr/Soph Bell was just a good low 30% 3-point shooter and wasn’t yet a good driver or scorer. I always thought Bell was one of Mike’s best development jobs. Bell was a bit better athlete and a better, though not great, defender than Pinion

As a freshman 3 point shooter, I believe Pinion (40% with a deeper 3 point line) is ahead of Frosh Bell. Neither are great athletes. In the few games Pinion has played extended minutes, he’s displayed several ways of scoring. I’ve seen a couple dunks, an offensive board put-back, and a couple corner drives and finish with contact. I also remember a couple 14-16 ft mid range shots, though he’s not as polished with that shot.

Right now, I believe it’s Pinion’s defense that has to make a big improvement in order for him to get extended minutes on a regular basis. It’s actually not as bad as I expected it to be, but he still has a ways to go to be at the level of acceptable Muss defense. If he’ll continue working hard on it, I think he’s got a good chance of being a solid, maybe double digit scorer in his last 2-3 years here. He will also need to continue expanding his ways of scoring. Just like Bell did.


I wonder if Thurman’s legacy, all these years later, will forever be determined by the catch-and-shoot three that clinched the National Championship,

I remember he was great at the 3, but I don’t remember if he created his own shot.

All I know is it was great memories, and I hope Pinion creates some more,


Pinion may eventually be better, but so far, the Linn comp isn’t horrible.

Linn was a good shooter with some length. So far, Pinion has been a good shooter with some length. Teams have gone at Pinion with some success but I expect he will get better as he gets stronger.

I don’t see what would be insulting at all about the comp.

Linn shot 35% from 3 and averaged 3-4 PPG. Pinion is shooting 40% from 3 and averaging 3-4 PPG.

FWIW as a freshman, Bell shot 31% from 3 and averaged 4 PPG.

I would agree that the Scotty comp is an absolute head scratcher.

That’s all stereotyping.

Guy wasn’t “more athletic than you would think”. He was just athletic. He dunked on SEC centers. Pinion is a much better shooter. Guy was a better leaper/dunker.

Sorry to offend you.

Notorius, just for that, I’m going to quit posting. I, embarrassed.