Pig Trial show

Every week I wonder how they put Otis Kirk on the air or want him to talk to recruits. Richard you we’re better on the show.

It is indeed a trial to watch these days. I can now watch the show in less then 15 minutes, because I skip all of the recruiting segment.

I used to look forward to seeing Richard and get updated on all of the recruits with the recruits picture and stats HT and WT now it’s just listening too Otis ramble. What a waste.

Who is the judge for that Pig Trial? :wink:

Most disappointing part of the show was that we had three bigtime guards on official visits and there was no mention of that from the entire Pig Trail crew including Otis.

You are correct no updates at all on anything just a ramble about the LB that will end up at Texas and Kelly Bryant talk.
Very disappointing when something that was once good and informative turns into a dumpster fire!