Pig Trail Show

I found myself bored and turned it on.
Big mistake. Otis Kirk should never be on TV or talking live in any capicity. He must have used the “Oh” word a thousand time and stutters and stammers in his speech.
Channel 4 must be pretty darn cheap not to able able to afford a weekly host better than that. Richard you need that gig back!

I can watch that show so much more quickly now. I refuse to listen to Otis, so I fast forward through all of that. Then I fast forward through their basketball “expert.” That does not leave much. Last week they never even mentioned that baseball won a road series at Auburn.

That show has gone WAY down hill.

Interesting you mention that. I didn’t watch PTN when I lived in Arkansas, and I sure don’t now that I’m in NC. However, my son texted me asking how our new OL commitment pronounces his first name, and I knew PTN would have video up on YouTube, so I found the video from last night. It was painful listening to Otis’ “uhs” and “you knows” to get to the information I wanted. I almost stopped the video.

I watched the show this morning. It took me 12 minutes to watch and that included having to rewind after going past the beginning of one segment.

As long as the food and service is good who cares what the waiter sounds like. I watch just to garner info. Besides,…where else can I catch Mike Irwin since Bo left?

If you can’t read the menu or understand the waiter you’re never going to get your order. Irwin guesses as much as you and I do and we’re not “insiders”.

Now according to the Pig Trail “reporters” they check all their “scoops” with at least two sources.

I’m guessing one is Hogville. Haven’t figured out the other yet. Probably Wally

I agree it’s not as good as when we had Richard but it is all we got. Otis would be OK on radio, but since KNWA is in bed with HogVille it is what it is.

Well, considering that the Pig Trail (and Mike Irwin) were convinced that Derrick Gragg would be the next AD at Arkansas, I would say that they don’t do a very good job of sourcing. And they reported Gragg was it, so yeah, one of their sources probably was Hogville.