Pig Nic Question

The Pig Nic over the weekend obviously was a home run. HogMolly and I were talking today and had a few questions about the event.

  1. Do other schools do this or is this something new and created by our coaches?

  2. The visits are all unofficial visits, so who pays for the food? Do the recruits and their families have to pay or are the teams allowed to buy food for unofficial visitors?

Oklahoma had a BBQ Saturday. I had never heard of anyone doing it until this year.

Yes, others do too. Clemson had a cookout Friday too.

Unofficial visits the kids and parents have to play for their own food.

Wasn’t it a hot day? Man, I bet those daddies and mommies burnt up playing for their food. But it would have been fun to watch them on the field.

Because of the construction in the Smith Center, they held the event in an air conditioned big tent on the grass practice field.

It was actually quite nice on Friday from 5-10 when the kids and their parents were on campus.

Our high here today is going to be 81 and we don’t break 90 the rest of the week according to the forecast.

They did have to pay for their food, but they didn’t have to “play” for it. :smiley:

The games they played were like darts, cornhole and things of that nature. It was a big hit.

Is there an NCAA regulation about how much the family has to pay to attend a cookout like this? I am sure each school tries to do whatever they can to minimize the cost.

It’s my understanding it has to be at market valve. If you charge 15 bucks at your restaurant, you charge the same at a recruiting event.