Pick-up Games

Has anyone seen games? Reports of games? Sorry if I’ve overlooked discussion about this.

Still waiting for reports last I’ve heard.

hogville has some reports.

Lol. Who would you like to know about specifically?

I read on hogville and they have is hearsay of pick up games. No one on their has actually watched a pick up game that I have seen on there. It is people relating what they have heard from this or that person, which is a long way from “Practice reports”.

No one specifically, really. Just so many new faces; curious about early perceptions of abilities, etc.

I suspect that some are wishing for the times when doglesby would attend practice and post reports on the old HI board.

Yes, this. I miss doglesby and his basketball knowledge

I have plans to be over next week.

Coaches hitting the road recruiting today.

Ditto. I remember he was really high on Jabril Durham after first watching him his first year and was telling us how good of a PG he was going to be. Nobody believed him at the time especially after Jabril’s junior season, but everything he told us he would be came true during his senior season.

“Lol”… whatever. There’s more information on it over there than there is here… and some of it is pretty good. If you want to look down your nose at Hogville the least you could do is provide something yourself on the “pay” board.

“Who would you like to know about specifically?” Well, we have more newcomers than ever before and a likely first rounder. Seems like a lot of material to work with for anyone with any interest in covering it. I know there is plenty of interest from fans who aren’t able to watch themselves.

I really like Jalen Harris. Arkansas is going to need him to be really good this year. The staff really likes what they’ve seen from Isaiah Joe so far. They believe he has the chance to be very solid in time. He has to add some weight and strength, be able to play through physicality then develop his midrange game.

I’ve mentioned it before, but Desi Sills is going to be tough. Heard good things about Jordan Phillips as well, like they believe he has the potential to be a guard at the next level good. Ethan Henderson rebounds and scores at the rim, but isn’t very strong. Needs to expand his game and not be one dimensional. I’ve been told Ibby’s hands have to improve, and that sometimes the guys won’t let him play with them. Reggie Chaney is as advertised.

Those are the main things I’ve heard to this point. I’ve reached out to the staff to try to check out a workout for myself. Hoping that happens shortly after Arkansas’ new basketball SID gets here.

EDIT: Forgot about Mason Jones. He can really shoot it. Doesn’t have great footspeed for a shooting guard. His older brother, Matt, who played at Duke, was at the practice facility last week with Mason and Jabril Durham.

Whoa, what do you mean guys won’t let him play? Like it’s to the point where they won’t let him play pick-up games with them because he can’t handle the ball when they pass it to him?

Also, have you heard any update on Garland or any rumors on when we may learn more about his status? I know they updated the team roster on the official site, have him down as a R-Fr, so I guess that’s a good sign. Also, I’m curious on what you’ve heard about Embery, he’s our highest rated incoming recruit, I know he’s been battling injuries but I seen him playing on the latest clip that the team put out on twitter a few days ago. And last thing, you mentioned Jordan Phillips and how good he was looking, I know a few weeks ago when RD gave a brief update he was saying Phillips was still recovering from an injury, is he fully recovered now, and been participating in everything?

I did not expect Mason Jones to be quick. His brother Matt was on the slow side. Off the bench instant shooting will be his role.

Ibby is one of the players where the player and the coach both agree on redshirting.

I too am interested on Embery observation. Talk show chatter indicates that he is the guard that is really shining in the pick up games.

I hope the guys are using the Performance Center every minute they are not studying, eating or sleeping. No time for girlfriends this year. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

On Ibby: What I was told is that the various guys who make up the two five-man teams just didn’t want him running with them sometimes. Also heard his wingspan, FWIW, is around 7-6 – longer than Gafford’s.

Khalil: Mike Anderson told us earlier this summer they will reevaluate him this fall, so perhaps we’ll know more next month. I do not expect him to play, but Lord knows I’ve been wrong before.

Keyshawn: I’ve been keeping up with his progress on Instagram. Last week he wrote on there that he had about two weeks of rehab to go and that he’ll for certain be ready by the time the season rolls around. He’s one of the guys I’m most eager to watch in person.

And Jordan Phillips: I was told the staff really likes him and thinks highly of his game. I don’t know if he’s been participating, but I can try to find out. I don’t know a great deal about him but hope to soon.

Here’s my admittedly uninformed but considered opinion about this. Officially, Garland will be “on the team” until he isn’t; so, it is no surprise that he continues to be on our roster at the current time. But I wouldn’t read any significance into that.

I believe the staff has a time frame in mind - probably, sometime this fall (I doubt that they will publicly state when that time is) - and if the young man cannot gain medical clearance by that time, they will feel the need to move on and plan their scholarships, etc., with him not being involved. In other words, he will then officially not be on the team/roster.

Of course, if that is the way it goes (and I hope for all involved he is cleared; I just don’t expect that to happen), he will still be able to keep his scholarship and earn his degree. I’m absolutely sure he would be crushed, initially, if the news is not positive. But in the longer run, he’ll still be ahead of the game with a degree.

I dont know any doctor who would be brave enough to “clear” him. I have surgeons who want a cardiac risk patient cleared for surgery often, never can happen. Too many variables and too many factors, so Garland can try to talk his way on to play, but no real clearance by any doctor. Odds for sudden death also cannot be quoted. Kid could probably play for years without incident, but never be free of the fear of sudden death, same for his coaches and maybe the institution. I had a broken neck between my 7th and 8th grade year (compression fx of 6th vertebrae not subluxed or displaced) and could not wait for my medical probation to be up my 9th grade yr. I had no intention of following up and would not have learned anything back then, so I was playing come hell or high water. Dr Pete Kirkpatrick (formerly team doc for football Hogs) told me don’t be stupid, but play hard and don’t think about it. No issues except for some arthritis like change now some 40 years later. Today, I would have been held up and tested more than I would care for. No test for Garland that I know can be performed to put him over the edge since that could be death on the testing turf. Never going to get outside medical clearance.

It appears you have in depth knowledge of Khalil’s medical condition, what tests they have run on him and the results of those tests. So I trust your medical conclusion of no hope for Khalil.

What I know from the family side is that family is not pushing for him to play against the advice of the doctors. They fully understand the danger to Khalil’s life if the medical condition is not cleared. Further both the family and the coaches are hopeful that he will be cleared.

Percentages are definitely on your side. Let’s see where this goes.

Ali got to play today. It is reported that in 30 minutes of scrimmage, Ali had 20+ points and 10+ rebounds.

Yea, I just seen that from McPherson on twitter as well, that’s a big difference in nobody wanting to play with him. Maybe that got his attention and he stepped it up.