Pick Plays

2 games in a row - do are coaches not know pick plays are illegal?

Are they the ones running the play?

Every team runs pick plays, but never are players coached to put their hands on the defender.

This ones on O’Grady.

I have seen much more obvious pick plays not called but rest assured they’re going to call it on us

That was a bad call, that wasn’t a pick. In fact the defender was grabbing Grady.

Well it was called against us last game. So no way the refs think we perfected it in a week.

Agree. Nothing about it was a pick. It was defensive holding or nothing.

If I recall correctly, the play that Clemson used to beat Bama for the National Championship a couple of years ago was a pick play. And after the fact analysts were amazed that the refs let it go. Seems the problem is that refs are so inconsistent concerning whether or not they call a penalty.

Refs call it when they want and let it go all the time. Blue bloods run the picks with regularly and it isn’t called. Awful teams like us run them (and to be fair this one wasn’t a pick and last week’s was unnecessary and minimal and weak and wasn’t the reason the WR was open) and they’re called. Just another reason SEC and NCAA propping up of blue bloods is annoying.