Pick and Roll Puzzle

This is not a referee complaint, per se. Sometimes officiating is not bad, it’s just that the way the game is called can favor one team over another. For example, calling a tight game with lots of fouls can favor a finesse team over a physical team. If the officials are consistent, your team should adjust their play accordingly. As to Block/Charge calls, you could write a book on that subject as to what is right or wrong with the play and the call.

Watching the Baylor middle pick and roll against our switching man defense was impressive. The pick was moving so fast from being a screener to rolling to the basket that he sometimes screened off both defenders, even with the switch. Give Baylor credit for taking advantage of the way the game was called. Their guards played with fast decision making in cutting to the basket while the screener was moving. The Hogs’ small lineup and in-game adjustments were really impressive in combating this. Being down 18 early and getting within 4 was amazing. Also, the Baylor interior players were using their bodies to clear space for the drives to the basket. On that I would just have to say that all football fans appreciate good blocking. :grinning:

I saw this too, not sure if you call it a moving screen, but it appeared they were blocking for ball carrier!


I was yelling about moving screens to my Dad most of the game. On both the screeners and on the players clearing out lanes to drive.

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Pic and roll not what beat us—the early 3 point barrage. Where they missed nothing and went up18 points is what beat us.From that point we outscored them by 9 points— pic and roll 2 less hurtful than long range 3

True truth here.

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