Phillips gets chance to live his dream as a Razorback … razorback/

I am happy for this young man–always wanted to be a Razorback…and now he gets that opportunity. Really hope it works out for him on the Hill.

And, in contrast to many (certainly not all) kickers he is a very good athlete as he was on the 4x100 relay team at BHS–a 6A school (TN’s largest classification) here in the Nashville area. He was one of our best DB’s for three years as well–a true “gamer” IMO.

I am sure that 75% of touchbacks percentage is correct but I sure don’t remember a lot of kicks being returned this past year. :slight_smile: Of course it is a little different in high school (at least here in TN) as once the ball gets into the end zone the play is blown dead.

Thanks for the article Richard. I know we generally want to talk about the scholarship guys but these PWO’s (and these families) are making sacrifices to follow their dreams to be Razorbacks.

Always fun to see a kid realize a dream.

I know that Arkansas kicking coach Tanner Burns is very high on this young man