Phil Elson's call from last night … over-vand/

I’ve always said that play-by-play announcers need signature moments (by the team) to slide into a great place in the minds of the fans (and listeners). It’s calls like this that they need. Phil handled it great. I think he will continue to grow on fans. There is only one Chuck Barrett, as there was only one Paul Eells. You don’t replace them over night, or perhaps you never replace them. You do find your own place and Phil is doing that. He paints the picture, all I ever ask of my radio voices. I do ask a lot of them. I want them to keep me from having to ask questions. I want to have it all dumped in my lap without having to wonder what it looks like. I feel like Phil does that.

I never thought I would say it, but I think Phil may even be a bit better than Chuck.
He is very good.

I want them to tell me the score! Almost can’t say it too often when the listener can’t see a scoreboard.