Phil Elson

Did a great job Friday night as the radio PBP guy. I wish he would do basketball full time. Chuck is to slow.

I also thought Zimmerman did a pretty good job for only his 5th game.

Didn’t hear it, but doesn’t surprise me he did well.

He’s a major league talent when it comes to baseball. Love listening to him call baseball.

It is interesting listening to people talk about Phil calling baseball. As a baseball fan, I like him, a lot. So do most people who are baseball fans. Several people who are Razorback fans, but not particularly baseball fans, do not care for him.

I thought they were pretty good. Especially when Coach Z blamed him for jinxing a FT attempt.

I listened to it on my way to Memphis. The thing to remember is that those two had never called a game together. It’s not easy to pull off a clean broadcast when that’s the case. They didn’t know the other’s tendencies, etc.

I thought Phil did a good job. He is a polished radio broadcaster, no matter the sport. He also calls football for Henderson State.

I’ve talked to him about his baseball broadcasts. The biggest thing he has had to learn is that he’s doing a Razorbacks broadcast, not a baseball broadcast. There is a difference. I think a lot of people who listen to the Arkansas baseball games aren’t necessarily baseball fans, but are Razorback baseball fans. He’s had to adjust from doing baseball broadcasts for minor league teams 150 times a year.

Matt Zimmerman sounds like he’s coaching on the radio. He brings a lot of color to the broadcast, that’s for sure.

Phil Elson is one of the most gifted broadcasters I’ve ever heard. It’s a shame he’s not on a MLB broadcast. Hopefully he will get his big break soon.

I agree. The MLB gigs are hard to come by because announcers stick around until they retire. A buddy of his recently get one so it can happen.

Phil will be on the call again tonight.

No offense to Chuck, but I would like to hear this. Phil does great on the radio for the local call in shows, and seems to have a great radio voice. Chuck I wish could convey more excitement in his voice when good things happens. Chuck does a solid job though, hard to follow a legend in Eels. Who was out Bball PbP guy forever? I really liked him too.

Mike Nail