Hello all…my Daughter attends UArk WPS we love it , we live in DFW. I subscribe given an avid fan now and love to learn from this board. Can anyone share information about the Phaizon situation and I would think we still want someone of this caliber. I noticed a Warm grade to Bama now…Given Mike Woods transfer I would think we need to make sure locked and loaded. if not able to answer my question understandable, thank you

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It appears when they flipped McAdoo from Florida State back to us, they thought he was the better player and they only needed one. They already have a 4 star transfer receiver from Florida State on campus, which may have had something to do with Wood moving on.

He has 11 career catches, they’d actually like to see him on the field this fall, playing. I think that ship has sailed, fwiw. As to Woods transferring, that really doesn’t factor into the number of guys we take in the 2022 class, as this was going to be his last year, anyway. They have a couple others on their “want” list, I’ll let RD provide those. We’re probably only signing 2-3 WR’s in this class, so being picky isn’t a bad thing.

What caliber? He has 11 total catches.

The staff wanted him at first, but then other guys they wanted more became available and they choose them instead.

I guess i was assuming the sports rating sites think he is a 4star for some reason.

More about potential than production.

I hinted early on in the process that Wilson and Arkansas might not happen.

Mostly because he committed to Texass as a sophomore, but he has potential.

I myself trust our Coaches rating of a player over the recruiting sites ratings.
Woods is a prime example, only a 3 star out of HS. But his potential was obvious immediately and his work ethic was even better.
WR is the one position that already has players on the team can step up and has incoming players that can do the same. Have to wait and see.
As for Phaizon, just another in the mix, not an absolute must have IMO.

Hate to lose Woods but it’s the nature of the business these days.

Another way to categorize it is that Quincey McAdoo was on the verge of happening and did.

Ahem… I’ve got a feeling that this may be a long, arduous time before football season actually starts.

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