PFF has Hogs higher ranked than most

considering they are analytic based and relatively unbiased, I find the #12 ranking quite an achievement. … ff-top-25/

I am looking forward to game grades is they analyze the matchup, not yet done but should come up some time this week.

Thanks for the link. Very interesting read. I’ve bookmarked their site for future reading.

they are aggravatingly good and especially detailed at breaking down individual performances in game review. I always look at their NFL game analysis for the team I root for. Unfortunately they are usually dead on. They do have Wise, Sprinkle and should add Toby Baker as top performers for their draft projections.

Toby Baker was the best player on the field for us for his accomplishments relative to expectations. He deserves his own complimentary thread.

They now have a guy covering all of the power 5 conferences. I don’t remember seeing that last year.