Peyton Pallette update

I spoke with Peyton recently about the injury he suffered and working back toward pitching from the mound.


Awesome News! WE need him badly and sounds like he may be OK.DVH said he was throwing Extremely well and thats exciting,we need him like that all next yr.

His injury derailed a deep run and trip to Omaha. I just hope the young man can come back and be effective.

The article states that Baseball America rates Paulette the #1 college pitcher in next years draft! That is awesome. I had no idea he is rated that higher.

Love to see Peyton become the best pitcher to come out of Benton. Which is a tall order considering Cliff Lee is from our adopted home town.

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Also Blaine Knight. He went 14-0 his last year. Awesome year!!

Was Blaine from Benton? I know he played high school at Bryant.

Travis Wood also played at Bryant. Saline County has produced some strong pitching.

Well to be honest with you him pitching would have had nothing to do with our pathetic hitting which is what cost us a deep running into Omaha

I love Peyton but I’m really confused how that could be… ERA was over 4… when he was on he was very good but he had outings where he got the ball in the middle of the plate and found out in this league that will get you killed… I would love him to pitch like the #1 prospect, hopefully he will.

Sorry Matt, he is from Bryant not Benton.

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