Petunia Pig

Did she make it to the new board?

I’ve met ~4 people on this board and she was one (hey Fred!)

I hope she is well.

I’m seeing Petunia some on Facebook, not so much here. She’s fine as far as I can tell.

I think it has been a good while since Petunia posted at all. She used to have her own blog. She’s fine, I have family that goes to church with her.

Nothing wrong with Kathy or Larry. I am positive she posted on here last week, but as Swine points out I am often wrong. But, she’s fine.

My personal opinion is it’s the new board. Just not as much fun, period, despite all the arguments to the contrary.

I’m here. Read more than post. Thanks for the well wishes.

There are a number of people from the old board who are still here, but do not post as often. I could include JWRIGHT, HOGinBA, docestes, mrbswax among others.

We actually spent most of football season traveling. First to Scotland and England then a cruise from Miami to Lima through the Panama Canal.

I agree About the board not being as fun. There’s not as much going on. It doesn’t seem as though there’s nearly as much info / post activity from insiders as there was in the past. It also seems that there’s not as much activity as in the past. I’ve been a member since '97 or '98 and; for the first time ever, am considering dropping my subscription. I don’t read the ADG so for me the HI Boards are the only the only consideration.

I don’t post very often anymore either. In fact I let my subscription elapse. I just rejoined recently.
I don’t think the board is as interesting as has been in the past.

That sounds like a great way to spend this football season - out of the country!

Glad you guys are doing well.

And you didn’t spend much time posting to a message board? Whatever did you do with your time? :smiley: