Pettway leaving program

Wish him well. I was hoping he’d break out this year.

Does that give us room for Lakia Henry and another LB?

Lots of talent, but just didn’t seem to ever put it all together. Maybe the fans’ expectations were too great. Anyway, wish him the best in all future endeavors, both athletically and academically.

Again, it doesn’t matter how many tranfer out, you can only sign 29 players.

So it changes nothing in that regard, but obviously gets them closer to - or probably ensures - having spots for all 29 newcomers.

It appears they will sign 2 LBs - Zach Zimos and either Henry or somebody else.

Using "public commitments and December signees along with announced departures (and generously including Storey as a departure, “generously” = he hasn’t actually left; does include Dee Walker who hasn’t formally left or been kicked off the team - seems fair to shoot down the middle and say one is gone and one isn’t) we are at/about 85 right now. Basically, as we get new commitments we will need a transfer or other departure.

The program itself may have different numbers. We don’t know how walk-ons who were awarded scholarships are being counted (can be counted for only a semester, under certain conditions and with approval of the player) or what players may be gone but have yet to announce that publicly.

What is the exact number of athletes who have left the football program since Mr. Morris has taken over?

I don’t see Pettway’s departure as a good thing for the Hogs. And frankly, I see it as either an indictment on the capabilities of the 2019 offense or on the coaches, or both. For an offense that could do very little he was our best WR and with the most yardage. He’s also tall and built…the kind of guy we need, badly, in 2019.

So, if #1 is now gone, who is there to promptly take his place?

You are right. Pettway was the one WR we really didn’t need to lose. Looks like the young guns will need to be ready to play by game one. That’s asking a lot.

All the best to Pettway. Thanks for choosing the Hogs.

I was at the Catfish Hole when he and his family was on a visit with the coaches. I’m sorry to see him leave. And kinda surprised.

Mike Woods had already replaced him as a starter and has much better hands. That being said, I wish he were staying and I wish him the best.

Wish him the best also, was hoping he would step up next year as well. But we could use more LB’s or another RB to.


Mike Woods had already replaced him as a starter and has much better hands. That being said, I wish he were staying and I wish him the best.

[/quote]I guess. Pettway led the team with 30 catches, Woods had 18. Pettyway’s ypc was 16.6; Woods’ was 11.4 (when he caught what was thrown to him).

I wonder if they gave him a chance to switch positions and he declined. He is a big boned, big shoulder, dude that could carry more muscle without much loss of speed. He just always looked like a linebacker to me and they sure could use some athletes there.

I don’t know about that but I have always been of the opinion he should have been playing safety from day 1.

Per Arkansas stats, Pettway started the first five games and Woods started the last seven.

I would have rather Stewart transfer than Pettway

Pettway had a really, really hard time getting separation, and that’s been true for three seasons. Despite his build, he also was not a good blocker and was never a guy to get many 50/50 balls. Pettway looked like the same guy as the first two years-one SEC level play every three games and either an X as a starter or his name listed on the participation chart.

Woods showed flashes during the season as a true freshman, and I thought made a better overall contribution than Pettway as the year went along. There was no reason to think that Pettway was going to pass him in the rotation next fall. Couple that with all the freshmen talent coming in and Pettway was pretty doubtful to be in the top six.

I believe Pettway has had some big drops at crucial times also.

I hate to see him leaving but obviously he has got to do what is best for him. Figured he might be pretty excited with the transfer QB coming in but guess he is wanting to move on and give himself 2 years elsewhere I guess…or maybe 1. Either way, sorry to see him leave and was looking for big things out of him next year.