All of it was pre-meditated arrogance; not an accident. Very substantial info was out that BP’s accident was in fact the Girlfriend’s fiance chasing down BP and causing the wreck. There were even reports from people that knew the fiance that said he chased BP and some that said he caught him and kicked his butt. Keep in mind that BP looked like hell but the girl didn’t have one scratch (said to be on the back of the bike).

I can see LSU hiring Petrino when they run off Orgeron. They want to win and really don’t care how they do it.

I don’t know why something hasn’t been reported other than to say they didn’t know who to trust and were afraid of being sued. Very little eye-witnesses and a whole lot of hush money. There was more than one lawsuit that could have come out of this, but it needed to be shut down quickly. The lawyers all did their job here and kept most people from knowing what happened. That’s the way it’s supposed to work. More from the UA than anyone else. But there’s enough out there to know what happened. And, I told you what happened. The trooper was told to stop. The media was told to stop. And, the hospital, well they are already protected. The wasn’t the PR nightmare that it could have been.

I didn’t get that memo.

Actually, the female riding with him did have a leg injury. She was limping for several days. The stuff about the cabin are not true. The fiance was not involved in any way. The bike was wrecked. There are several eye witnesses of what was found in the ditch. The bike was totaled.

As far as the media being told to back off, I know myself and many others never got that memo too.

Dari Nowkhah of the SEC Network was on radio in LR and he didn’t hide his dislike of Petrino at all. I was kind of surprised how much he talked about how bad Petrino treated people. He had zero respect for Petrino.

I know of a young coach that was going to fight Bobby when Petrino was an OC because of the way he talked down to the younger guy. One of the assistants stopped him from doing it. It would’ve been ugly.

I heard several other stories. When did I hear of these stories? Yes, after Petrino left Arkansas. That’s when people talk.

Oh, don’t be naive. There’s a way we censor the media without sending “memos”. If you don’t believe you were censored, then answer GregHog’s question, “why didn’t we ever hear the whole story?”

There was plenty of reporting to do on the “incident” and the back story and the history but it wasn’t reported. You can claim you didn’t get the memo, but it wasn’t reported. So either you didn’t try, didn’t care, or were focused on more “important” matters. Ironic how that happens.

I respectfully disagree with your assessment of the incident.

If you watched the little video and still want this dirt bag as your coach it doesn’t show a very positive opinion you have on ethics!

What Louisville basketball is going through right now is direct reflection on their entire athlete department. It wontbe long until Petrino ends up in any scandal too! He’s not only a lying dirt bag he is quiter!

I don’t believe the SEC office would approve of any school in the conference hiring this him. Of course they watched Auburn hire the lying dirt bag Pearl!

Through the years, I’ve heard about four different versions of what some think might have happened that night. A few include that the bike was wrecked, many think it wasn’t wrecked. A few include different versions of a fight with the fiance. Those are not true. The injuries are consistent with a bike wreck and a skid on asphalt, not a fight. She did suffer leg injuries in the wreck.

I was never censored, John. I looked for every story I could find during that time and reported it all.

I wonder when is it going to be time to give this a rest.

He’s gone, he doesn’t want to come back, some would like him back, some would hate it. Who cares.

He’ll end up back in the SEC, probably TAMU and beat the brakes off of us every year. Then after four years he will move on.

It is good to hear from a credible source about the truth. Thanks!

Perhaps the fiance’ hid behind a grassy knoll and tipped the bike over with a long pole as it went into the curve? Yeah, that’s what I think happened.

It is time to give it a rest. My only curiosity would be what his mistress would say about him six years removed.

Probably that he can’t drive a motorcycle worth a damn

That is funny!

Can we have a thread tomorrow for Houston Nutt, Danny Ford and Jack Crow? Good grief! Move forward.

It is great to have someone like Clay set the record straight so the people who feel compelled to mouth off about things they have no clue about, can finally hear the truth. It will keep them from running around and making an idiot of themselves again. Well, probably not, some people just love to hear themselves talk, even if they don’t have a clue about the content. Happens on here frequently…